Positive Communication between Parents and Children

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Communication is the transmission of information from one person to another. Communication can be verbal, for example, one person talking to another, or it can be non-verbal, for example, a scowl on the face of someone who may be letting others know he is angry. Communication can be positive or negative, effective or ineffective. Beside that, communication also is the thread that binds our society together. Effective communicators are able to use the thread to shape the future. To be an effective communicator, one must know how to put together the words to communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings. Thoughts, ideas, feelings, and subsequently confirmed in writing or delivered orally. Some individuals who immortalized because of their ability to put words together.


Definition Between Parents and Children Communication
It is very important for parents to be able to communicate openly and effectively with their children. Open, effective communication benefits not only the children, but every member of the family. Relationship between parents and their children improve when there is effective communication taking place. In general, if the communication between parents and their children are good, then their relationship is good too. Children learn how to communicate with their parents watching. If parents communicate openly and effectively, the likelihood that their children will too. Good communication skills will benefit children for their entire lives. Children begin to form ideas and beliefs about themselves based on how their parents communicate with them. When parents communicate effectively with their children, they show their respect. The child begins to feel that they are heard and understood by their parents, which is a boost to self-esteem. Instead, communication between parents and children are not effective or negative can lead children to believe that they are not important, unheard, or misunderstood. Children may also come to see their parents as not helpful and can not be trusted. Parents who communicate effectively with their children are more likely to have children who are willing to do what they are told. The child knows what to expect from their parents, and children all know what is expected of them, they are more likely to live up to these expectations. They are also more likely to feel secure in their position in the family, and thus more likely to be cooperative.

Ways To Communicate Positively With Children
Start to communicate effectively while young. Before the parents and their children can communicate, both must feel comfortable enough to do so. While their children are very young, parents need to start setting the stage for an open, effective communication. Parents can do this by making themselves available to their children when they have a question or just want to talk. Furthermore, parents who provide their children with a lot of love, understanding and acceptance helps to create an atmosphere of open communication. Children who feel loved and accepted by their parents are more likely to open up and share their thoughts, their feelings, and concerns with their parents.Sometimes easier for parents to feel acceptance for their children than it is to actually show it is. Parents need to show their children that they love and accept them. Parents can do this in both verbal and non-verbal way. Orally parents can let their children know they received them through what they say. Parents should try to send a positive message to their children. For example, when children play catch after he finished with them, parents can let him or her know that they appreciate it by saying something like, "I appreciate it when you take your toys without being told." When talking with their children, parents need to be careful with what they say and how they say it. All parents say to their children send a message about how they feel about...

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