Positive and Negative Aspects of Fraternities

Topics: Fraternities and sororities, Abuse, Alcoholism Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: November 19, 2010
The first thing that enters my mind when I hear the word fraternities are organizations of guys who spend their time drinking beers and having their social gatherings. Well, these accusations have been proven many times on the articles that I have read a long time ago, that most fraternity members, especially on college campuses are seen as drunks who accomplish nothing scholastically or socially. But this impression of mine has changed a little after I have done some researches regarding on the topic. Most people fail to mention the fact that there are some memberships in fraternity who value a life-long experience that help their members develop social organization and study skills and also teach true, everlasting friendship. Fraternities can be organized for many purposes, including university education, working skills, ethics, religion, politics, charity, chivalry, other standards of personal conduct, asceticism service, performing arts, family command of territory and even crime. they were established to nurture pride, leadership, unity and commitment. But the main purpose of a fraternity vanished after the existence of the nowadays fraternities, especially found on college campuses. Results indicated that membership in a fraternity was associated with significantly lower scores on the reading comprehension, mathematics, and critical thinking. This is one of the disadvantages that a member may encounter after he decided to join a fraternity. But the two most common negative aspects of joining a fraternity are brutal hazing and abuse drinking. Hazing is the harassment of new members as a rite of passage, by giving them meaningless, difficult, dangerous or humiliating tasks to perform, exposing them to ridicule or playing practical jokes on them. Major causes of hazing are students wanting a sense of belonging in a big college campus. It has always been seen as a secretive campus act when it comes to fraternity...
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