Positioning of Indian Telecom Companies

Topics: Marketing, Service, Mobile phone companies of India Pages: 3 (601 words) Published: November 4, 2007
What is Positioning?
Positioning is the perception market has of a particular company, product or service in relation to their perceptions of the competitors in the same category. It is the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their target market for its product, brand or organization.

Product – Mobile services: Hutch, AirTel and Tata Indicom

Points of parity – Mobile services and network connectivity.

Points of difference – Value added services, call tariffs


Tagline - Wherever you go, our network follows

The brand tries to convey the message that the service is robust enough to provide coverage in every corner of its coverage area. Even if a person travels to remote locations, he will be able to use the Hutch network.

This has been portrayed very effectively by showing the puppy following a little boy wherever he goes, be it his house, his school or his playground. This gives the impression that the connectivity of Hutch is very good.

The tagline of the company is reflected in the ad campaign showing the puppy.


Tagline – Express yourself

The idea conveyed is again the reach of the network. However, AirTel positions it in a way such that it helps maintaining relationships between people who may be far off. It tries to appeal to the innermost core of the human heart with the idea that a person can connect to loved ones wherever they may be.

This has been portrayed in the ad campaign of AirTel where a teenage boy goes to meet his grandparents in a far-flung village and still manages to talk to his father using the AirTel network, thus emphasizing the fact that connectivity is there in far-off areas and also that AirTel is helping people bond and come together. In the sequel once the boy leaves the village he is still able to play chess with his grandfather over the phone while traveling in the train, thus driving home the point once again.

Thus we can observe that the ad...
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