Positioning of Audi

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Audi for more than eighty years now is trying to achieve to construct the perfect automobile for ultimate driving pleasure. In order to achieving this, the German automaker choose the way of trying to combine all possible competitive features of its competitors in to one car. This becomes visual by having a closer look at the advertisements and the positioning strategies that the four-ringed manufacturer is using. According to a commercial which has been added on You Tube August 2006 Audi combines the advantages of four well known automobile brands in its self. The commercial shows four empty key holding hooks on a wall which will be filled one after the other with the keys of Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Volvo and BMW after asking the viewer the question “What car do you want?”. While hanging up these keys it lists the different advantages of those vehicles. With Alfa Romeo it says “designed”, Mercedes is comfort, Volvo stands for safety and BMW for sportiness. After all the four keys have bin hung up, the key holding rings which have bin hanged on the hooks form the logo of Audi. After the logo becomes visual to the viewer a text appears which says: “In one care only?”. This commercial is the best way to prove my above mentioned statement about Audi-s strategy of combining all the advantages a car can have in on vehicle. According to this and some other facts, which will introduce later on, I would now like to evaluate the positioning strategies of Audi according to the theory I mentioned in my literature revue. As I have mentioned in my review companies can use several strategies of positioning their product towards other products. In the case of Audi Automobiles this is absolutely the case. Audi doesn’t specify it self on only one strategy it rather creates a mix of them in order to achieve the best result. Comparing the product to competitors for instance is one strategy for Audi in order to position its vehicles. This could be seen in the previously mentioned

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