Positioning Analysis of Coca-Cola

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Brand Audit: Positioning Analysis
The core benefit proposition of Coca-Cola is not easy thing to put your finger on. As far as nutrition and it being good for you goes, Coke offers little to be desired. Many would say that it, and other processed and sugary drinks and foods, are the reason why obesity is at an all-time high. To avoid this issue and still remain as the number one global brand, Coca-Cola relies heavily on its heritage and nostalgia, and its vast budget to produce colorful, happy and emotion eliciting advertisements to draw customers in and coming back. Ever lived on the Coke side of life? Or perhaps you just want to Open Happiness. Come Christmas time, one can’t help but think of the Sundblom Santa or the cute polar bears in the arctic enjoying a refreshing contoured bottle of their favorite cola. The brand is associated with emotions and joy. Of course having a consistent and unique flavor that is the anchor of your brand can’t hurt either. Coke did try once back in the eighties, at retooling and changing the flavor of their popular soda, to rather disastrous results; public outcry caused them to switch back to the original formula soon after.

Another thing that Coke has going for them is that they do not only sell just sodas. They have a huge arsenal of over 3,500 beverages that are sold around the world including waters, alcoholic beverages, teas, sports drinks and of course soft drinks. They also position themselves in just about every avenue available, from restaurants to stadiums. There isn’t a person on this planet that doesn’t get thirsty from time to time.

The target marketing for Coke has generally been aimed at the younger set, typically ages 13-24. As of 2010, Coke refined there policies on the targeted age appropriateness of their marketing. They have since instilled a policy in which they will no longer advertise to children under the age of 12. According to their website, “We have a global Responsible Marketing Policy that...
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