Position Paper: Ageing population in France

Topics: Aging, Old age, Population Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Topic: Ageing
Country: France
Committee: General Assembly 3

Position Paper

Topic Background
France faces an ageing population. The cause of the problem is the rapidly decreasing support ratio, a low fertility rate and a falling birth rate. The low fertility rate is due to an increasing proportion of educated women who are pursuing careers. These women focus on their careers rather than on raising a family. This results in putting off having children until they’re 30 or deciding to just not have children. The result of this is a lowering of the fertility rate and the birth rate to levels below replacement levels, resulting in smaller successive generations. The problem of the ageing population in France affects the whole population especially those who are economically active. The French government has had to spend €12.9 billion on social security and health care of the elderly due to the large proportion of old people to employed young people.

Past International Action
In 1994, the Global Action on Ageing(GAA) was formed. It carries out research on critical emerging topics and publishes the results on its website. GAA staff and interns research aging policy and programs such as: income support, health access, and human rights. Interns post their research daily to wikipedia, one of the largest in the aging field, with a monthly average of over 1.5 million hits. In April 2002, the Second World Assembly on Ageing was held. The Madrid Plan of Action offered a bold new agenda for handling the issue of ageing in the 21st-century. It focused on three priority areas: older persons and development; advancing health and well-being into old age; and ensuring enabling and supportive environments.

Country Policy and Possible Solutions
In 2005, France's fertility rate, or the number of children per woman of childbearing age, rose to 1.94, second only to Ireland among European Union nations, after Cash payments, tax breaks and subsidized child care...
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