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Topics: Gender, Male, Female Pages: 4 (1083 words) Published: March 12, 2015
Julia Wang 10148983 Tutorial 003 - Friday 12:30 T.A.: Marty Clark The Inescapable Reality of Gender Ideology: Being a Woman in Sport
Today’s society believes that gender equity has been achieved in sport, yet the socially constructed normality of gender stereotypes is still prevalent even in today’s society. As a woman in sport, society has created the belief that women’s capabilities are lesser than those of males. In this essay, I will argue how gender stereotypes of women and society’s expectations of me as a female have negatively affected my enjoyment of badminton. Society’s deeply rooted social image of women is that we are weak and unable to produce results which are similar to men; this opinion has made it difficult to enjoy badminton as I am constantly judged purely because of my gender. Although society’s opinions of women in sport have changed over time, we have a long way to go from achieving true gender equity. Many will continue to suffer from gender stereotypes so long as we do not change the ways we think about gender ideology.

I have personally felt the discrimination of gender stereotypes from my time on the high school badminton team. I first joined the team in grade nine as the only female in my age division. At that time, my skills were nowhere close to the males on the team, and I was soon labelled as the weakest member of the team. It was a frustrating experience to know that my team mates did not see me as an equal, primarily because of my gender. They had already expected my skills to be less than theirs, and when their initial expectations were confirmed, they showed no surprise. It was clear that my physical strengths lacked greatly in comparison to the males on the team, so I focused on the technical aspect of badminton in order to improve. Over time, I greatly improved and was eventually able to compete in matches against male members on the team. I was confident in my physical ability as well as my...

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