Pos System

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銷售點系統(Point of sale簡稱POS),是一種廣泛應用在零售業界的電子設備,主要功能在於統計商品的銷售、庫存與顧客購買行為,零售業界可以透過此系統有效提升經營效率,可以說是現代零售業界經營上不可或缺的必要工具。





POS系統通常與電子訂貨系統(EOS系統,Electronic Ordering System)、電子數據交換系統(EDI)、電腦會計系統相結合,可以給業者帶來莫大的效益。

Today's point-of-sale system (Point of purchase. Referred to as POS) is a widely used electronic devices in the retail industry, the main function is to of Statistics merchandise sales, inventory and customer buying behavior, retail industry through this system can effectively improve the operational efficiency, it can be saidis an integral part of modern retail industry operating the necessary tools.

With the progress of the computer system, the retail industry began to try to use a computer to manage the store's merchandise, established in the 1970s commodity barcode specifications, manufacturers of goods factory direct printing of bar codes, and stores they can use this bar code to manage commoditythis is the main function of the POS system.

In addition to computer software, POS systems typically have the following hardware equipment: cash register, the host computer, laser scanner, printer, in addition to different retailers in order to facilitate the management will individually using a number of different devices, such as handheld devices: PDAs, or other special specifications, usually also have a network to the corporate headquarters to transmit information at any time.

Customer checkout businesses through laser scanner to read the bar code, this information can provide the cash register product information, price can be calculated through this information to the...
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