Portrayal of the Lead Characters in Blackrock, Alice in Wonderland, and On Turning Ten

Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: June 11, 2012
How effective have the composers of the texts you have studied in the AOS and how have they challenged your thinking and broadened your understanding of your own world?

There are many types of journey, physical, emotional and psychological. These journeys require us to overcome challenges and obstacles we may face, potentially influencing the way we view ourselves and the world around us. The play Blackrock written by Nick Enright relates to journey on many different levels. It is the story of a community going into chaos due to a murder amongst the teenagers that have been brought up in the suburb. The journey that is central to the play is of the character Jarrod. By exploring the character, Enright is showing the development within a teenager’s state of mind, e.g. at the beginning of the play you can see through the dialogue that is used that Jarrod’s ‘mates’ are the most important and come before anyone else, this theory can be supported by a quote from Cherie, “The whole worlds got to move for Ricko “. This is a direct contrast to Jarrod at the end of the play as he has separated himself from the rest of the boys and done what he believes is right. Symbolism is another technique used by Enright to explain the chaos going on within Jarrod’s conscious and within the Blackrock community. Enright has used the beach as symbolism as it is always changing with tides, weather and waves which reflect what is happening within the play. The rape and murder of Tracy is an example of the start of the chaos within the local community and in Jarrod’s head.

Similarly in the film Alice in Wonderland the character of Alice is going through a life changing transition just as Jarrod’s character is in Blackrock. The film is about the character Alice Kingsley and her inner journey to find her true self, on this journey she will have to overcome many obstacles in the bizarre world known as ‘Underland’ where she will ultimately discover her true self. The journey is shown...
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