Portrayal of Justice in Death and the Maiden and the Name of the Rose

Topics: Umberto Eco, Ariel Dorfman, Justice Pages: 17 (3977 words) Published: October 19, 2014

Portrayal of Justice in Death and the Maiden and the Name of the Rose Extended Essay
Subject: Literature/English
Word Count: 3451
Hyde Park Academy
Session: May, 2014
Candidate: Tia-Bryanna Balentine
Candidate Number: fd1007 (001194-0009)

“If justice comes from the people you fight against how can you get justice?” (Matuz). This is a question that has been long asked by citizens of the world and even some began to write about this topic in their novels. Umberto Eco and Ariel Dorfman used literature as an outlet to express their views about justice. This paper was written to figure out what ways justice plays a role in the Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco and Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman and to what extent the major events in the plots are just. Within both of the works, one could find Eco’s and Dorfman’s perspective on justice and how it is exhibited in society. Doing research on Dorfan and Eco aided in writing the paper because one would find that Dorfman was an activist against the Argentine government. This was valuable information to know when arguing points about bias in judgement, emotion, morals, and principles . However with research about Eco, one would find scholarly journals, reports and reviews about his book, the Name of the Rose. This shows that this book was highly valued in Eco's career. Eco was a semiotician and very influential in the "world of literature." Because of these findings, this paper is formatted to resemble the requirements needed to obtain justice and the factors that can influence its decision. The paper is formatted this way because it assists with stipulating the purpose of the paper. From reading Name of the Rose and Death and the Maiden, one could infer that Eco and Dorfman took a literal, and creative standpoint when they wrote them and so the paper was written to portray their opinions about justice. Word Count: 285.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 4 2. Prosecution 5
3. Conviction 6
4. Censorship 7
5. Morals and Principles 8
6. Assessment of Evidence 9 7. Bias in Justice? 10
8. Credibility 10
9. Judgement Day 12
10. Emotion12
11. Conclusion14
12. Works Cited16
13. Bibliography 17

In what ways does justice play a role in the Name of the Rose and Death and the Maiden and to what extent are the major events in the plots just? Introduction
Justice - a seven letter word determining the fate of a person. "Justice is served." That statement means a lot because how does one really know what justice actually is? Justice could very well mean that the result of the situation could be frigid or unwelcoming as if it was compounded together. Justice is the judgment by an approved coordinator, but who approves the judge and what reasons was the judge appointed “because reasoning about causes and effects is a very difficult thing and I believe the only judge of that is God.” (Eco 30). This is an important topic because it conveys hows society and its definition of justice can influence the world that we inhibit. In life, all living beings must experience some type of criticism even during the most inconvenient times. Unfortunately, justice is an enforcer of that criticism. the Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco is set to take place when religion and government battle for who should determine justice. The tone is set by the fact that there are murders located in a monastery during the time that the government is trying to sway the citizens away from the control of the church. In Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman, there was no monastery, but there was still situations that are unjust that include people that were supposed to...

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