Portrait of Sylvette

Topics: Pablo Picasso, Cubism, Drawing Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: November 22, 2005
Pablo Picasso
"Portrait of Sylvette"

The piece of art that was studied is "Portrait of Sylvette" by Pablo Picasso, of Spanish decent originating from 1881-1954. This portrait is oil on canvas and measures approximately 28 inches wide by 42 inches high. It was a gift of the estate of Tom Slick 1973.36. Picasso utilizes many classical and controlled lines for most of the art work. He uses these precise lines to express the mathematical proportions and sections of various objects, such as the wall, free space, desk, and young girl. More specially, the organized horizontal and vertical lines create what is seen to be each point connecting to another by its rigorous, yet defined look. Through out his work, he mainly uses semi-thick ½ inch lines in width to bring out boldness and deep emotion of the environment and its' surroundings. In drawing the desk, he uses massive rectangular shapes to create a geometrical table in which is simply put together in ingenious structure and balance. On the chair, Picasso uses small cross-hatching lines to give the chairs frame a more textured and realistic feel. These stand out tremendously and give a sense of surreal ness to the painting. Implied, curvaceous lines are woven into the young women's figure as if the chair was made just for her medium bone structure. The young woman's body has been created with 1/3 inch thick, systematic lines that form the cubistic shaping of her frame. Focusing on the girl's body structure, Picasso uses many geometrical shapes such as, cubes, triangles, and squares to form her particular silhouette. The dress is segmented into various shapes ranging from small triangles to large awkward cubes. Even though most of his work is very ratiocinative and straight forward, he surprisingly uses free-hand movement when drawing her hands. He uses expressive lines to compliment the practical feeling and life in human's hands. Implied...
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