Portrait of Madonna

Topics: Love, Sexual intercourse, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Rejection Led her to Psychosis
In Tennessee William’s Portrait of Madonna Lucretia Collins is driven mad by the rejection of a man who she so fondly treasured and loved during her youth, so mad that she can no longer seem to grasp reality or even take care of herself. Her psychosis led her to think she is pregnant by the intruder who was the man she was in love with as a young girl and whose rejection is the main contribution to her flight from reality. Thus her heart break led to obsession and her delusions drastically worsened from, Richard breaking into her apartment, to him forcing himself on her and her becoming pregnant. Clearly from narration of past events she was enamored of a young man who was completely fond of her but preferred the company of another very outgoing woman. Unfortunately the young man then weds the girl and she simply never recovered from the heart break. Lucretia calls the maiden “shameless” and a “common strumpet”. She is completely convinced she stole him away with her sexuality. She explains to the Porter how difficult it was to walk around her community knowing that he had chosen to spend the rest of his life with the other woman. Especially when she would pass by their home on Sundays after church, “Poor old maid that - loves you” this implies that her infatuation with the young man was never taken seriously by anyone except her. In his mind they were only friends. All these experiences torture and scare not only her mentality but her heart. She clearly continues to dwell over a past love experience that ended terribly. Richard breaking into her apartment is a fiction of her imagination because she is lonely. Lucretia has been alone since she was 15, her mother old mother passed away after an operation. She had been alone since then, and she never allowed anyone to visit her. Thus Richard is a portion her imagination put together to make her feel better about being alone. She was living off of pension and when that ended her...
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