Portrait Of An Artist As A Young Man Analysis

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It is clear from the title of the novel “Portrait of a artist as a young man” that it is a journey of a man to become an artist but still there is some confusion and uncertainty so ultimately it is a search for a true identity. The hero of the novel somehow believes that the good destiny is waiting for him but he faces many difficulties to find that where this exist. It was the time of revolution and when he think of the society a question regarding value of Irish national identity in the country always come in his mind. “When a man is born...there are nets flung at it to hold it back from flight. You talk to me of nationality, language, religion. I shall try to fly by those nets.”(Portrait of an artist as a young man) In “Ulysses” there is also national identity problem with the protagonist Leopold Bloom, his position is very uncertain in the novel as a Irish Hungarian Jew. Because of his multi-faced identity and especially due to his jewishness he was considered as an outsider. Dubliner his fellow also doubts that is he even an Irish. There is a scene when citizen through empty tin of biscuits on Bloom then he say to them “Mendelssohn was a...

When he decides to become an artist he has to make his identity over there also and he has to transform his artistic skills and has to transform his intellect as well. For Stephen it has been a journey of identity because he moves from child to sinner, sinner to Catholic, Catholic to artist. On the other hand in “Ulysses” Bloom also has multi-identity face because he do many jobs like he works as an ad canvasser for the newspaper The Freeman’s Journal, but he’s had other odd jobs throughout his life. He spends the day of June 16 wandering around Dublin: going to a funeral, checking in at the office, visiting the National Library, walking on the beach. He’s a deeply human and compassionate...
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