Portfolio Question

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Feeling Pages: 3 (422 words) Published: May 2, 2012
portfolio question
Christian Arzaga


1. Portfolio Question #1 (Chapter 1)

a. What does “success” mean to you?

Success to me is the feeling that come from going through struggles and still achieving your goals. It may be something as small as losing 5 pounds or as great as graduating from school.

b. When you achieve your greatest success…what will you have and what will you be doing?

When I achieve success I will be have my associates in HVAC-R and will have a job that will provide for my family. Not only take care of my household but for my parents as well.

2. Portfolio Question #2 (Chapter 2)

a. What is self-responsibility?

Self-responsibility is taking ownership of ones actions but keeping track of deadlines but also taking care of anything that needs to be done.

b. Why is it the key to gaining maximum control over the outcomes and experiences of your life?

The key to gaining maximum control over ones outcomes and experiences is keeping calm and organized. It will allow you to find the best answer to the situation at hand.

3. Portfolio Question #3 (Chapter 3)

a. What personal qualities will you need to achieve your dreams?

The major qualities needed to achieve my dreams are

b. How can you strengthen these qualities?

4. Portfolio Question #4 (Chapter 4)

a. How can you devote more time to creating the outcomes and experiences that matter most to you? Identify 5 specific actions you will take.

5. Portfolio Question #5 (Chapter 5)

a. How could you create and sustain an effective support network to help achieve your greatest dreams in college and in life?

6. Portfolio Question #6 (Chapter 6)

a. List 2 self-defeating patterns or habits you currently have.

b. How can you revise these self-defeating patterns and habits that keep you from achieving your...
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