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Topics: Writing, English language, Word Pages: 10 (2388 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Naam: Karlijn de Rooij
Studentnummer: 0821942
Vak: English Intro
Klas: VEN1D
Docente: D. Yapp
Datum: 26-10-2012
List of Key Terms. (ELT)3
Strength and weakness reflection.5
Vocabulary Development.6
Use of English.13
Course evaluation and action plan.14
weakness exercises. (Writing)15
List of dated contents.17

List of Key Terms. (ELT)

On the following pages there is a list of ELT words and their definition.

Part of speech/ word class.
A linguistic category of words.
Is the word that refers to a person, a thing or place.
Are words like I or me (personal pronouns) or my, mine (possessive pronouns) etc. Verb
Shows actions, events, states or processes.
Gives more information about a verb.
Says something about the noun.
could be definite (the) or indefinite (a or an)
is used before a noun or pronoun to connect it to another word. Conjunction
connect words, sentences and phrases together.
Same as conjunction.
Relative Clause
Gives more information about something without starting a new sentence.

Lexis / Lexical
Individual words or set of words
Denotation / Connotation
Denotation is when you literally mean what you say. Connotation is when you mean something else but you’re using the same word. Collocation
Words which are regularly used together.
a group of words that are used together, and the individual meaning is different from the meaning of the whole group of words. Compound (noun – adjective)
consists two or more words and have the same meaning.
Phrasal verb
are used in spoken English and informal texts.
Word formation
creation of a new word.
Group of letters added before a word to create a new word.
Group of letters added after a word to create a new word.

Words that have another word with the same meaning.
Words that have another word that means the opposite.
Formal vs informal
Style you can use to write a letter. (e.g: formal styl is used for an complain letter, informal is for a letter to a friend) Word and sentence stress
Means you stress a word you find most important and carry the meaning or sense of that sentence. Intonation
How a speaker use his voice to say words. (e.g sounding happy or mad) Contraction
shorter version of words. (E.g. you have you’ve)
Most important word in a sentence.
helps the reader to understand and see the structure of your work (like a letter or an essay etc)

Reading through a text quickly, and not reading every sentence or even words. Gist
Global understanding of a text.
How a text is presented on paper.
Text that goes together in a spoken or written way with logical grammar. Coherence
Ideas in a spoken or written text that fit together perfectly and makes sense. Tone
How the writers attitude is with what he/she is writing.
Cloze exercise
An exercise that contains a text with gaps in it, the readers try to work out which words are missing. Transformation exercise
A transformation exercise is an exercise where learners are given one sentence and need to complete a second sentence so that it means the same.

Strength and weakness reflection.

I think this is my strength. I understand 95% of what a teacher or someone else is telling me. Also I watch a lot of movies and TV sitcoms without subtitles. It paid off for me to really listen and pay attention. When I didn’t know a word, I wrote it down and look it up.

This is what I wrote at the start of English Intro. I still think this is my strength. By doing the exercises for English Intro my listening has improved. Also in daily life I’ve tried to listen very carefully to what someone is saying and it really paid off. I sense that I understand more and can participate more in a difficult conversation. Speaking:

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