Portfolio 2

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Assessment of Alexandra Wright

Amanda Cerjeski

Portfolio II

September 7, 2010
Dr. Tony Floda

Assessment of Alexandra Wright
NAME: Alexandra (Alex) Wright
ADDRESS: 1234 Anywhere Street
Phoenix, AZ 85018
DATE OF BIRTH: August 17, 1968
PHONE NUMBER: 480-555-4125
EDUCATION: Master’s Degree
OCCUPATION: Accountant
ASSESSMENT DATE: August 31, 2010
EVALUATED BY: Dr. Hal Headman
The client was a well-dressed Caucasian woman of average height and weight. Alexandra has shoulder length hair styled with blond curls. She was wearing a two-piece turquoise outfit. Alexandra sat upright with good posture. She looked attentive and friendly toward the counselor and answered the questions immediately with appropriate and thoughtful responses. PRESENTED PROBLEM:

Alexandra stated that she has sought out counseling at this agency last year to help with the grieving process when her father passed away. She wanted to see the same counselor, but the counselor is no longer with this agency. The client stated that last month she was feeling the recurrence of the same sad feeling she was experiencing last year when her father died. Alexandra stated that she was put in charge of her father’s estate to split the assets equally among her and her three sisters. Alexandra stated that she is completing the estate sale for her father’s possessions, and this she states may be contributing to the recurrence of her sadness. She also stated her sadness feels like agitation, and that people would not be able to outwardly see her sadness. HISTORY OF THE PROBLEM:

The client originally sought counseling one year ago when her father passed away. She entered into a counseling relationship to deal with her sadness. She stated that her sadness feels like an annoyance. The counseling in the past was effective in helping Alexandra deal with her father’s passing; but now that she is estate executor, she is feeling agitated once again. She has been assigned to sell everything in her father’s possession, and then to split the share equally among her and her three other sisters. It was decided that the other family members were not to be included in this process. It was Alexandra’s place to price, sell, and organize her father’s estate. One brother-in-law, Bruce, has involved himself in Alex’s estate business. Alex stated that this is a very large project that she has carefully organized and documented, and when Bruce interferes, it makes Alex feel insulted. MENTAL STATUS:

Behavioral Observations: Alexandra sat upright and calm throughout the interview. She spoke with normal tone and volume of voice. She made good eye contact with the interviewer. She answered questions promptly, and she only paused when thinking momentarily about her response. Mood and Affect: When asked how she was feeling and the reason that she is seeking counseling, Alex stated that she was feeling sad. When asked how she related that feeling to herself, Alex said that sad feels agitated. The client seemed annoyed when she spoke about her brother-in-law and his meddling in her father’s estate sale. Other times in the interview, the client was elated when discussing her orderliness in her father’s estate sale, her four closets, the computer program that categorizes her outfits, and other activities in her life. Therefore, I would say that when she talked about things that bothered her, Alex showed annoyance; while when she spoke about things that interested her, she showed happiness and excitement. Thought Process, Content, and Perception: The client’s thought process is linear and logical. She researches the pricing of the items that are to be sold in the estate sale, and then she averages the prices according to the research that she has acquired. She wants to get the appropriate price and perform the task to the best of her ability. The client...
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