Topics: Critical thinking, Health care, Health care provider Pages: 6 (2159 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Name: ji
Subject: professional and scholarly communication NUR
Portfolio Task
Lecturer: bc
Due Date: 23rd of May

The reflective portfolio is an continuous assignment in NUR1001. It required us to complete the task every 2 weeks that relates to the material being taught. I personally had found this challenging but rewarding because it allows us to provide the process of our study development skills and be able to reflect on our down knowledge overtime, presenting evidence of what we learned each week. A portfolio contains materials such as documents and proof of experiences for examples, activities participation in our lecture or tutorials to illustrate path of the nurses. Documents also provide the background skills and expertise monitoring our own development and assess our progressing in achieving our tasks. Overall, it is my aim to show how each has shaped my learning by contributing the progressing of my own studies. Purpose:

The purpose of a reflective portfolio is to become engaged in our learning and to understand the learning objective of the unit to enable myself to assess the progress towards assembling those objectives. Portfolio allows us to measure the progress of myself and examines the instructional progress, not just the final outcome. It is also a report of multiple levels of learning evidence and demonstrates what I know and how to use this knowledge later in the future. Addition of files and documents can prove the teachers of what and how we learned for each objective. It allows us to show our strength and challenges we had while studying this unit. A portfolio contains student’s work and also includes self-reflections and recommendation for improvement. The collection of portfolios may also help the teachers to reflect on our strength and weakness of the unit. It can point out our strong links indicating struggles and successful outcome students have within different topics in the unit. In further checking, it can concede the teachers to see student’s attitudes and feelings while attempting this unit.

Portfolio task 1:
1. What is the benefit of using portfolios in health professional education? The benefit of using portfolio is to demonstrate our achievements as well as our personal development while attempting our objectives. As we include our reports of grades, evaluations, it able us to show the teacher about our personal feelings and opinion on the comments that have been made and prove them that we will achieve and not make the same mistakes for the next assignment. The advantages of using portfolio in health professional educations can also be its potential to assess performance and its potential to assess outcomes, such as attitudes and professionalism that are difficult to assess. Portfolio is thus an ongoing project allowing student progress toward the expected standard in each exit learning outcome. 2. …

3. …
4. Explain how this portfolio task helps you meet learning objectives 4 & 5. Does it help you meet any other learning objectives? Portfolio task 2:
1. Explain how the annotated bibliography task helps you meet learning objectives 4 and 5. Does it help you meet any other learning objectives? Which? How? The annotated bibliography task allowed me to help to meet object 4 as I’ve used variety range of resources to complete the bibliography task. Throughout the task of annotated bibliography, we had to learn how to use and able to differentiate what kind of resources we were able to use in order to cite and reference them each.as we are summarising articles that we found in the resources, it has to be our core work, meaning we have to summarise the articles in our own words without plagiarism. In addition, we learned how to achieve an annotated bibliography due to not having experience in the past of writing one. In relation to objective 5, we were asked to write the annotated bibliography academically. Which includes no contractions, formal tone...
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