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Jackeline Carrera
Svetlana Yokum
ACA 122-114
October 26, 2012
Personal Narrative: My Academic & Professional Interests I’m at Durham Technical Community College because it’s a cheaper school then the school I was going to go to which is NCCU. I want to transfer to UNC-Chapel Hill; this has always been my dream school. Hopefully I’ll get into the C-Step program. I’m going to get an AA at DTCC. I want a Bachelor’s degree at UNC-CH. My program of study is University Transfer in Associate in Arts Degree. My pre-major is nursing. I want to be a nurse but I’m not sure which kind yet. They have high salaries and I want to earn a lot of money. I’ve always heard people talking about their nursing careers. I always used to see the nurses at the clinic I go to and they seem to like their job. I feel really good knowing I will become someone in life and knowing I’m the first in my family to attend college. My parents and family are really proud of me. I know it’s going to take a while to get a Bachelor’s degree but it’s worth it. I’m going to focus on my goals and not let anything or anyone get in the way. If I would’ve chosen to stay at NCCU I would become a nurse faster but it’s alright because I’m going to get into UNC. I’m going to work real hard so I can get into the C-Step program. My cousin’s wife is a nurse and she earned her ADN at DTCC. I got an idea of how she likes her job and the environment at the hospital she works at, Duke. My Holland Code is CAS which stands for Conventional People (Organizers), Artistic People (Creators), and Social People (Helpers). This matches with me so much but the Artistic part doesn’t go with my ideal job. I’m very organized so I will keep up with my job as a nurse. I like helping people and my patients will be my first priority.

SMART Academic Goals
I will pass all of my classes with an A or B. I will study at least for an hour for each class every night. I will attend every class and be on time. To do all of this I will need my classes paid for by financial aid. I have to maintain a good GPA of 2.0 or higher. I’m very ambitious and I will get what I want. Before doing any school work at home I have to help around the house and take care of my dog. I need to watch less TV, hang out with my friends less, and use my cellphone less. This goal is going to take three years to reach since that’s how long I will be at DTCC. I hope my family will support me and my mom will take me to school. If everything goes well I will graduate in 2015 from DTCC. SMART Professional Goals

In order to graduate from DTCC in 2015 with an Associate in Arts Degree with a pre-major in Nursing, I will need enough money from financial aid. I have to maintain very good grades to get financial aid. What keeps me focused and motivated is that I want to move out of my house soon and make good money. I have to plan accordingly so I can help my mom clean and cook and it’s a relief that I don’t have a job yet. I have to sacrifice not going out with my friends a lot and I have to study a lot. This will take me three years to accomplish. If I want to transfer to UNC-Chapel Hill I have to apply to the C-Step program, so my education can be cheaper there. My GPA has to be 3.0 or higher. I will be very successful when I get my Bachelor of Arts degree in nursing from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Career Summary: Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Arts degree A Registered Nurse has a lot of duties and they may get stressed out on occasion. A RN has to deal with their work environment and may face challenges. The good thing about being a RN is the pay and one may learn a lot from their experiences. A RN has to record patients’ medical information and vital signs. They have to prepare rooms and sterile instruments, equipment and supplies, and ensure that the stock of the supplies are maintained. They need to modify patient treatment plans as indicated and discuss cases with physicians. They also do more...

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Career Interview
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