Porters Five Force of Icici Securities

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1. Understanding the procedures of Costing| Clarity of concept| | | 2. To be able to calculate the unit cost and prepare costing Profit & Loss statement| Precision in cost calculation and preparation of cost sheet| | |

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P| A Pass grade is achieved by meeting all the requirements defined.| | M| Identify & apply strategies/techniques to find appropriate solutions| | D| Demonstrate convergent, lateral and creative thinking.| |

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1. Answer.
Manufacturing Industry- Nestlé India Ltd. Profile:
Nestle India is a subsidiary of Nestle S.A. of Switzerland. Nestle India manufactures a variety of food products such as infant food, milk products, beverages, prepared dishes & cooking aids, and chocolates &confectionary. Some of the famous brands of Nestle are NESCAFE, MAGGI, MILKYBAR, MILO, KIT KAT, BAR-ONE, MILKMAID, NESTEA,NESTLE TOMATO KETCHUP, NESTLE Milk, NESTLE SLIM Milk, NESTLE Fresh 'n' Natural Dahl and NESTLE Jeers Rita.  

Cost procedure followed in Nestlé India Ltd.- TOMATO KETCHUP And CHOCOLATES A company’s production process helps in determine the best way of accounting for its costs. Process costing works well whenever relatively homogeneous products pass through a series of processes and they receive similar amount of manufacturing costs. Nestle accounts for its vast chocolate chips production by using a process costing system. Sequential Processing:

The units typically pass through a series of manufacturing or producing departments, in each departments or process is an operation that brings the product one step closer to completion. Parallel Processing:

 This pattern require two or more sequential processes to produce the finished goods. Partially completed units are worked on simultaneously in different processes and then brought together in a final process for completion.



Nestle India ltd. (chocolates)

Total output = 4,50,000 units

particulars| Costs per unit| Total cost|
Raw material| | |
Cocoa butter| | |
Sugar = 3,00,000| | |
Cocoa solids = 3,20,000| | |
Pea nuts = 2,00,000| 5.16| 23,20,000|
Chocolate coated resins =...
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