Porter's 5 Forces Analysis

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The opportunities for the institute are quite large yet small at the same time. The market is saturated but there are always new students that are looking for universities. A more technologically based university will attract the newer technologically-orientated students. There is a large opportunity to expand their staff and student base. The courses offered can be increased and cover multiple topics and subjects needed by companies.

Porter’s five forces
Porter’s five forces is a simple tool to determine where the power in an organisation lies. It helps you determine the strength of your opposition and the position you are moving into. By understanding where the strength lies in the institute weaknesses and mistakes can be avoided....

Students and staff should be able to access a personal drive or folder which they access with a username and password. By allowing these accounts students and staff can access their personal data where ever and whenever they want whilst on the network. All the computers that are accessible should be connected to the network. The network should allow students to connect their laptops and various devise to retrieve their data and submit assignments and projects. High speed connectivity is necessary for when students need to copy or upload large files. Internet access can be controlled and limited to reduce the risk of students downloading illegal software as well as firewalls as mentioned above can restrict the sites and content available. Wi-Fi hotspots should be available so that students can access the network at their leisure. An intranet will be setup which will store all the students’ and staffs’ data. Staff and students should be able to access an ‘online’ library that stores class notes, project notes and helpful resources. The library will be primarily stored on the intranet. These additions will make the network very user friendly and users will not need any assistance once they have used the network a few times. Administrators should have full control over the data on the network and monitor the staff and students’ activities. With the use of an intranet all the data added to the servers can be monitored and assessed. Gigabit Ethernet or fibre optic cables can be used to connect the network relatively cheaply but maintaining high speeds. The network would be one big network with many subnets for use of the staff and...
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