Topics: African American, United States, Racism Pages: 2 (315 words) Published: December 14, 2014
Jose porter
English 114
October 1, 2014

Why discrimination and racism is still an issue in the United States? In “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander she discusses that race and discrimination still exist in today’s society and even though it seems that we are all equal in reality we are not equal to one another. Alexander explains that Martin Luther king Jr wanted a radical reconstruction in our society in the 1960s so he can try to implement an equal society between poor blacks and whites throughout the country. “The history of the racial caste in the United States would have ended with the civil war if the idea of race and racial difference had died when the institution of slavery was put to rest”(pg26). This was meant to tell people that racial difference should have died when slavery was abolished in the United States but yet people continue to discriminate against people with color and so many people tried to end discrimination but there will always be some new form or reason to discriminate against others. “One senator insisted that crack had become a scapegoat distracting the public’s attention from the true causes of our society and our politicians would be off the hook and only crack is to blame”(pg53). There is a conspiracy were the CIA distributed the crack cocaine to the inner cities but there is no proof and the CIA declines all allegations. So in conclusion there will always be racism and discrimination the united states it maybe in different forms but it’s still racism people can try to stop it but people have been trying for years and even though we have an African American president that doesn’t change the fact the some people just don’t like colored people all we can do is hope and try to stop racism and discrimination.
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