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Proposal for a research paper
Name: Soliman Abu Samra
ID# 45347
- The research question.
Renewable energy resources in United Arab Emirates such as solar energy, wind and turbine energy are better than non-renewable energy sources in terms of the environmental impact, the health impact, and economic impact.
- Background information.
Renewable energy is defined as the energy sources, which can be generated naturally either by the sun and it also known as is called solar energy or by the mechanics movements of the environment such as the wind’s energy. Moreover, these kinds of energy sources are called renewable because there areis no waste by- of products while occurs in the progress of generating the energy, and theyit can be used constantly. On the other hand, the other type of energy is fuel fossil which is the non-renewable energy, and it is called non-renewable because as long it is used once it cannot be used again. However, the non-renewable energy sources are the types of energy which used mostly in the United Arab Emirates, while the renewable energy is used much less in generating energy.
-The importance of the topic.
After reading about the two kinds of energy which are the renewable and non-renewable, I have noticed that the renewable energy is more useful and peaceful than the non-renewable energy. But not many much people know about these kinds of energy and there advantages and disadvantages. So in my research paper I will discuss how the solar and wind energy are better for UAE than the oil energy.
-Literature view.
- I will be using this article (Solar energy in the United Arab Emirates: A review) by Alaaeddine Mokri, Mona Aal Ali, and Mahieddine Emziane to show that the solar energy which is one the of the renewable energies sources is better than the oil energy in the future for UAE.
- Also I will use this article (THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AT 40: A BALANCE SHEET) by Al-Suwaidi, Abdulla to show how the investments of the

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