Porphyria's Lover - Poem Analysis

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The first few lines introduce an ominous setting with strong wind and rain while also foreshadowing an unfortunate turn of events to come. The writer is brokenhearted and the weather simply adds to his sorrow. Porphyria then walks in gracefully and as she does so, the lines “she shut the cold..all the cottage warm” does not solely indicate that she literally did so by closing the door and setting the fire but also that she did so emotionally by which simply her presence alone was enough to brighten up the mood in the cottage and make it “warm”. This suggests that she is someone whose company is enjoyed by the writer and that she posses a warm personality exuding brightness and cheer. Her actions also suggest that the writer is in critical condition such that he was unable to set the fire himself. The lines “withdrew the dripping cloak.. damp hair fall” shows that Porphyria is a noblewoman – a woman of high class and standard. The phrases “when no voice replied”, “she put my arm around her waist” and “made my cheek lie there’ all further support that the writer is either terminally ill or mortally wounded to the point where Porphyria has to play the active role.

The phrase “how she loved me” provides readers with concrete evidence that Porphyria is indeed the writer’s lover. The lines “too weak.. herself to me forever” tell us that although the two are lovers, there is something holding Porphyria back from giving herself to the writer completely. The phrase “pride and vainer ties” highlights that her obstruction could either be their difference in class, that she has been promised to another or that Porphyria has already been married – perhaps an arranged marriage. This all supports that their love is one that is forbidden.

Porphyria’s love for the writer is so strong that she is willing to travel through wind and rain away from a “gay feast” that is possibly being held in her honour, simply to be with him. “Wind and rain” represents all the consequences that...
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