Topics: Pornography, Erotica, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: March 18, 2009
Pornography is literature art or films that are sexually arousing. There are two general categories in which pornography are classified. The first is soft-core porn. Soft-core porn is said to be a film in which no genitalia or explicit sex are portrayed. In hard-core pornography they film otherwise. A woman being raped on camera would fall under the category of pornography. There’s another name for film, literature or art that depicts two mutually consenting adults in sexual acts. This is known as erotica. Material considered to be offensive as a generally accepted standard by the current society is classified as obscenity. Falling under the category of obscenity is both child pornography and rape. I’d like to discuss;

1.Sexism and stereotypes in pornography
2.Pornography, aggressiveness, and offense.
3.Measures and actions to stop the degradation of women

Sexism and Stereotypes in Pornography

According to the book, Social Problems and the Quality of Life, “physically abused wives are also significantly more likely to be sexually abused when their husbands are into pornography.” (Slope 2004) The partnership is shown to weaken through the use of pornography. The male is shown to have less value on partnership and monogamy. The woman is shown to feel less valued, not confident in the relationship, and to lack confidence as a woman. Through different research projects it has been shown that the makers of pornography play into general sexual and racial stereotypes about the women involved. Some of these include; the china doll, the black animal like, and the over sexual Latina, etc.

Pornography, Aggressiveness and Offense in Porn

Some researchers believe that pornography and obscene materials lead to the hatred of women and rape. It has been concluded that soft-core pornography and hard-core pornography both have affects on the way in which a man who views them treats women. As shown in the book, Social Problems and the...
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