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pornography is dangeriuos

By Louie-Cave Oct 02, 2014 11580 Words

Pornography is ravaging marriages. In our culture porn is treated as if it’s harmless, but it’s not. Porn will wreck the arousal process in your brain and end up wrecking your sex life in marriage. The effects of porn are devastating. I receive emails everyday from women who are desperate to fix their marriages, but they don’t know what to do. They married men who never seem to want sex. Or their husbands are never satisfied. Or their husbands call them boring or unattractive. And the root of many of these problems is porn. Here’s the really devastating part: Because so much of what porn does to you happens chemically in the brain, the porn use doesn’t have to be going on NOW to have these effects. A boy who grew up on porn in his teens, and then managed to stop watching it in his twenties (with occasional relapses) will still suffer from many of these things. The good news: There is healing! You can rebuild those chemical pathways to arousal. But first we have to understand 10 ways that porn affects the brain, and thus wrecks many couples’ sex lives. And so today, on Top 10 Tuesday, I thought I’d share :

The Top 10 Effects of Porn on Your Sex Life
And remember–women use porn, too! While some of these apply just to men, many of them apply to both genders. 1. Porn Means You Can’t Get Aroused by “Just” Your Spouse Do you remember reading about Pavlov and his dog in Psychology? Pavlov would give the dog a nice juicy steak, but right before he did he would ring a bell. He conditioned the dog to associate ringing the bell with getting great food. Eventually Pavlov took the food away, but kept ringing the bell. The dog kept salivating at the bell, even though there was no steak, because the dog associated the bell with the food. The same thing happens when we see porn. Porn stimulates the arousal centers in the brain. When it’s accompanied by orgasm (sexual release through masturbation), then a chemical reaction happens and hormones are released. In effect, our brains start to associate arousal with an image, an idea, or a video, rather than a person. When you don’t watch porn and save yourself until marriage, then all of those chemicals and hormones are released for the first time when you’re with your spouse, and it causes you to bond intensely (and sexually) to your spouse. But when you spend a ton of time teaching your brain to associate arousal and release with pornography, your brain can’t associate arousal and release with a person anymore. Either you have to fantasize about the porn, and get those images there, or you have to watch porn first. Often people can “complete the act”, but it’s not intense for them the way porn is. You’ve rewired your brain, and now you’re salivating at the wrong thing. 2. Porn Wrecks Your Libido

It’s only natural, then, that many people who use porn in the past, or who use porn in the present, have virtually no libido when it comes to making love to their spouse. The spouse is not what turns them on, and so the natural drive that we have for sex is transferred somewhere else. I get so many emails from young women in their twenties who say, “my husband and I were both virgins when we married, and I thought he’d want sex all the time. But after our honeymoon sex went to maybe twice a month, and that’s only if I pressure him. He says he just isn’t interested.” With so many men growing up on porn, this is just to be expected. 3. Porn Makes You Sexually Lazy

In porn, everyone is turned on all the time. You don’t have to make any effort to arouse someone; it’s automatic. There is no foreplay in porn. And so if your spouse isn’t aroused  you start to think that it’s somehow their fault. There’s no expectation that we will have to “woo” someone or be affectionate and help jumpstart that arousal process. It’s almost as if we approach sex as two different beings and we’re just using each other, rather than thinking of each other. And thus we never learn how to please the other or become a good lover because we’re always thinking that the other is somehow “frigid”. Sex is about getting my needs met; it isn’t about meeting someone else’s needs or experiencing something wonderful together. 4. Porn Turns “Making Love” into a Foreign Concept

Those arousal centers and pleasure centers in our brain are supposed to associate sex with physical pleasure and a real sense of intimacy. But the intimacy doesn’t happen with porn, and so the pleasure is all that registers. Thus, sex becomes about the body, and not about intimacy. In fact, the idea of being intimate isn’t even sexy anymore; anonymous is what’s sexy. We may call “having sex” “making love”, but in reality they aren’t necessarily the same thing. Someone who has used porn extensively often has a difficult time experiencing any intimacy during sex, because those arousal and pleasure centers zero in only on the body. God made sex to actually unite us and draw us together; He even gave us a bonding hormone that’s released at orgasm so that we’d feel closer. But if that hormone is released when no one is present, it stops having its effects. Sex no longer bonds you together.

5. Porn Makes Regular Intercourse Seem Boring
An alcoholic drinks alcohol for the “buzz”. But after a while your body begins to tolerate it. To get the same buzz, you need more alcohol. And so the alcoholic begins to drink harder liquor, or drink larger quantities. The same thing happens with porn. Because porn teaches us that sex is all about the body, and not about intimacy, then the only way to get a greater “high” or that same buzz is to watch weirder and weirder porn. I think most of us would be horrified if we saw what most porn today really is. It isn’t just pictures of naked women like there used to be in Playboy; most is very violent, extremely degrading, and very ugly. “Regular” intercourse is actually not depicted that often in porn, and so quite frequently the person who watches porn starts to get a warped view of what sex really is. And often they start to want weirder and weirder things. Now, I’m not against spicing things up, and I do think lots of things can be fun! But when we’re wanting “more” because we’ve programmed ourselves to think “the weirder the sexier”, there’s a problem. 6. Porn Makes it Hard to Be Tender When You Have Sex

It’s no wonder, then, that people who use porn often  have a hard time being tender when they have sex. Sex tends to be impersonal, rushed, and “forced”. I’m absolutely not saying that all porn users rape their wives, but porn itself is often violent. There’s no foreplay. There’s no waiting to arouse someone. It’s just taking what you want. Being tender means to be loving. It’s to give and to express affection. Because these things aren’t paired with sex in the porn users brain, tenderness and sex no longer go together. 7. Porn Trains You to Have Immediate Gratification and Have a Difficult Time Lasting Long With porn, when you’re aroused you reach orgasm very quickly, because porn users tend to masturbate at the same time. Thus, orgasm tends to be very fast. The porn user hasn’t trained his body to draw out sex so that his spouse can get pleasure; his body is programmed to orgasm quickly. Many porn users, then, suffer from premature ejaculation. Some porn users go to the other extreme when they start suffering from erectile dysfunction. They have a difficult time remaining “hard” enough during sex because the stimulation isn’t enough. In their case, orgasm can take an eternity, if it’s possible at all. 8. Porn Gives You a Warped View of what Attractive Is

Sex is supposed to bond you physically, emotionally and spiritually with your spouse. But if porn has made the chemical pathways in your brain go haywire, then sex becomes only about the body. And porn shows you that only certain body types are attractive. It’s not about the whole person; it’s just a certain type of person. If a woman gains even ten pounds, then, she’s no longer attractive, and the porn user has an honest to goodness difficult time getting aroused, because he associates only a certain body type with arousal. 9. Porn Makes Sex Seem Like Too Much Work

All of this combines to often make sex with your spouse too much work. You’re not aroused; you find your spouse not attractive; sex is blah; and sex requires you to make an effort for your spouse, while you’re used to immediate gratification. Thus, many people who use porn retreat into a life of masturbation. Even if the porn use stops, they often find it easier to “relieve” themselves in the shower than to have to work at sex. 10. Porn Causes Selfishness

All of this causes a spiral of selfishness where the person ignores his spouse’s needs and is focused only on getting what he wants, and getting it instantly. Often this manifests itself in other areas of the relationship as well, where the spouse becomes annoyed if they have to wait for something, or if they don’t get what they want. Porn has sold them the message: you deserve pleasure when you want it. You shouldn’t have to work to get what you want. Your needs are paramount. It’s no wonder that shows up in other areas of your relationship. People who think that porn is harmless and simply helps people “get in the mood”, or “relieves frustration”, are kidding themselves. The chemical processes in our brains are really complicated, and when you start messing with them, it’s really difficult to develop a healthy sexuality again. However, it absolutely can be done! Later this year I’ll be working on an ebook about it, but for now, this post may help: Marriage Recovery after a Pornography Addiction

Also, let’s remember: too often we tell teenagers not to use porn because it’s a sin, and they’re not supposed to lust. I think we need to start telling them these ten things. If you want amazing sex when you’re older, don’t use porn now. If you do, you’re setting yourself up for a world of hurt. Ask teenagers, “who wants amazing sex when you’re married?”, and pretty much everyone will put up their hand. Then tell them: Use porn now, and you’ll make that almost impossible, without a major work of God in your life. Tell them the truth.

And make sure that in your house everyone–girls, boys, women, and men–are protected from temptation. I’m a big supporter of Covenant Eyes. No, we can’t rely on it alone, and yes, we need a work in the heart. But if we need to reduce the temptation so that God has time to work, I think that’s worth doing. Covenant Eyes sends emails to people of your choice to tell you when someone has accessed an inappropriate site. If kids know their parents will get an email if they try to find porn, or if men and women know their accountability partners will get emails, they’ll be less likely to surf inappropriate stuff. Show Grace

One last word–please show grace to those who have been ravaged by porn. Especially if the associations in the brain happened when they were young, these people often want to change the most, but it seems really helpless. Rather than pointing the finger in blame, join together to fight the problem together! Porn is serious. It wrecks people’s sex lives, it makes people selfish, and it ultimately wrecks marriages. Let’s spread the word, and fight against it! UPDATE: I’ve been asked in the comments and on Facebook to provide citations, so I’ve created this infographic with a few. There’s tons more research at Fight the New Drug, and many other sites.

Essay Topic:
The ability of pornography to change the male attitude towards women. Essay Questions:
How is the male population influenced by sexually violent content in magazines, video and pornography? Does pornography change the male attitude towards women?
What is the attiture of the society towards pornography
Thesis Statement:
Pornography is a kind of cultural sadism where women become the victims of violence and rape.  
Pornography is degrading towards women essay

Essay Outline:
o    Introduction
o    Sexually violent content in magazines, video and net pornography o    Pornography and men’s attitude towards women
o    Is pornography degrading towards women?
o    Should society be a censor?
o    Conclusion
The word “pornography” has caused a lot of arguments lately. Some people think that pornography is good, some think it is bad and some simple do not know what to think for they do not completely understand what is the exact definition of pornography. Pornography, according to a famous feminist Andrea Dworkin is actually a rather sexually explicit subordination of women(Dworkin,1993). A lot of people, and especially women, believe that the very essence of pornography is the humiliation of the woman’s dignity. It is interesting to note that the attitude towards pornography with the gender of the respondent. So, once again, besides the morality issue, it is all about men arguing with women. Men tend to defend pornography from the desire of women to ban it absolutely. Pornography is a kind of cultural sadism where women become the victims of violence and rape. It goes without saying that the image of a woman is degradation “owing” to this phenomenon. It is really hard to imagine a man respecting a woman and feeling a thrill of joy just being next to her after having spent years watching how women have sexual encounters with several men, animals and other morally defective manifestations. Whether it is a perversion or not is not even the issue. The issue is that the moment these films start being exposed to large audience they start hurting the morality of the society and degrade the men’s attitude towards women. So, should it be banned? Sexually violent content in different types of pornography

The most well known magazines illustrating nude female bodies such as “Playboy” or “Penthouse” correspond to the Miller standard of obscenity and therefore are considered to be appropriate . Indeed, they have nothing to do with sexual violence upon women, but are aimed at showing the beauty of the women’s bodies and therefore are erotically oriented. The underground nevertheless offers a wide range of pornography magazines with inappropriate pictures including violent behavior towards women and humiliating headings . Pornography videotapes are popular and available as they have never been before or may be also called “home pornography”. Such video pornography is usually sold or rented and often include extra-violent tapes where women are hurt by being penetrated by unhealthy objects, raped, and forced to do humiliating things. So, basically saying, the tapes include obviously illegal acts of a sexual character. In such tapes women are depicted as sex objects for the satisfaction of men’s primitive sexual needs and entrained into degenerate conversations. Such hard-core pornography shows women being raped by several men or even beaten. It comes as no surprise that there are even pornography motion pictures having the NC-17 rating and TV pornography that is on special pornography channels on cable television. And the worst thing is that such channels are almost never censored and may contain any type of violence. Internet pornography is a separate case for it has everything listed above. Cyber-porn offers online sex chats, pictures, movies and even online sex acts. The severity of Internet porn is horrifying. There is something for any perverted mind and the caliber of violence increases from site to site and the content even includes sexual deviations with children . Pornography and men’s attitude towards women

According to the psychological regularities the process of being exposed to violence causes aggressive behavior. According to the psychologist Edward Donnerstein, pornography can truly cause anti-social behavior and aggressive attitude towards women. The most terrifying thing is that exposure to pornography causes men to be indifferent to the facts of women being raped of forced to sex (Donnerstein, 1981). It also causes the trivialization of rape and therefore violence become “normal” for a male viewer. Men learn that forcing a woman to do anything sexual is appropriate . The negative shift in men’s attitude towards women is obvious. Women lose their value as personalities and become sexual objects for men, that consider forcing women to sexual encounters to be “norm of behavior”.  Women’s body has become a thing, an object, a tool to achieve sexual satisfaction in any violated forms even without her permission to do it. The men’s attitude towards women changes and embitters. The major pornography’s harm in the context of changing attitude towards females is that it destroys the “tender ties of family relations”: prevents new families from appearing and demolishes the existing ones.

Is pornography degrading towards women?
It definitely is! Being exposed to oral sex, anal sex, group sex, and sadomasochism gives its effects to the male viewer. Dolf Zillman revealed that pornography causes men stop feeling satisfied with their real-life sexual partners: their appearance and sexuality. (Anderson, 2002). The effect of adaptation occurs and the male needs a stronger and strong stimulus each time to make his sexual partner more appealing. Therefore women remain humiliated as they are ignored or forced to sexual perversions. The emotional side of any relations disappears leaving unhappiness and grief behind. The more time a man spends watching pornography, the harder pornography with different deviations he needs to experience sexual satisfaction; every women starts being a sexual object for a men and her personal characteristics become unimportant. Pornography undeniably is degrading towards women in the first place because being a sexual slave is not the predestination of women as human beings. People are not animals that simply follow their primitive instincts; they are capable of controlling their desires and understand what is appropriate and what is offensive to women. The deficiency of the real-life sexual stimulus leads to sexual crimes involving violence. Pornography dehumanizes women, as they are presented as sexual commodities that are constantly humiliated, physically hurt, get raped, become objects for sexual servility and all the part of their bodies are exposed to their very core and penetrated. It is impossible to believe that all these terrifying things would not be degrading men’s attitude towards women. This is not about sex and everything connected with it to be morally wrong. It is about the degradation of the attitude to the role of women in the society. This is not about sexual freedom but about humiliating women and treating them aggressively, like a good in the store. May be this is the answer why men have become so sex-obsessed in the last decades and force their wives to make surgeries just to be “just like in the movie”. Nowadays, if a woman looks like a porn-star she becomes of no interest for men belonging to pornography dependent society. And this is just one side. The other side of the issue is the male’s sexual violence cases repeated over the years. Pornography converts a woman into a deprived individuality and minimizes sexual relations to depersonalized mechanic operations.

Should society be a censor?
Society should fight for a safer life without pornography. According to the psychotherapist David Scott: ”half the rapists studied used pornography to arouse themselves immediately prior to seeking out a victim”(Scott, 1997). It goes without saying that every single men watching pornography is not necessarily a rapist, but he actually CAN become a potential one (Malamuth, 1981). Statistics says that exposure to pornography increases the use of coercion and fantasies about rape or may even lead to a real rape (Donnerstein, 1984).  Society should try to ban pornography form the medias or at the minimum sensor its contents because it destroys the morality of the society and this lead to anarchy and violence. Pornography ruins the moral dignity of the nation, destroys the notion of “family”. Pornography is a real drug, because each person that starts using it passes four main stages: dependence, intensification, and atrophy of sensations, perversion. The person breaks a moral taboo, experiences an inner shock and eventually accepts perversion as a way out of the situation. There is a possibility that a person will want to repeat not only humiliating sexual encounters but also brutally violent sex with perversions. The society must not to be the creator of its own disaster. If we know today that the popularization of sexually aggressive materials increases the growth of violence directed to women, that the society’s obligation to do something with it. If the society is notified about these horrors beforehand than it is armed. So the society verdict should be the next: the consumption of pornography materials can strengthen the customer’s feeling that rape and other types of sexual violence are not as significant crimes as they were believed to be; pornography leads to the situation, where the guilt for rape and other types of violence is put on the victim and not the aggressor; men, with a greater approval, start perceiving the supposition that women like to be sexually exploited. The behavior of people in pornography products implies the fact that sex exists without any connection to love, devotion and even sympathy for a partner. All of the listed consequences are the warning signs for the modern society. Pornography is dangerous, especially for the young generation, whose mentality is feeble and consciousness takes in everything it perceives.

The vested evidence and scientific data shows that the production and consumption of pornography tremendously harms the society in general and the people’s personalities in particular. Pornography destroys the beauty of souls, destroys personal and social morality, destroys the family and causes aggression, violence and change of attitude towards women. Pornography prompts people inclined to violence to commit real crimes with real victims. According to the research of Donnerstein, Scott, Check, Zillman and many others, pornography is depredating towards women and changes the men’s attitude towards women for a sexually violent one(Anderson,2002).  Pornography constructs male expectations towards the acts of violence over weak and unperfected beings. In the extent that woman is considered to be a delicate and weak being, it is she who becomes the object of the sexually violent acts. Unfortunately, the violence in pornography is defined through one thing: man experience the greatest pleasure being cruel and brutal to women during sex and women in their turn like to be forced. This is cultivated is what is cultivated in the society by the means of pornography. Pornography converts women into sexual objects and creates a standards according to which women have to be similar to pornography “actors” in their appearance and sex desires to obey men in order to be sexually appealing to their male partner. Pornography should be 100% banned, for people indeed do not know what they are doing. Spirituality and morality are still alive!

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Another of pornography is audio pornography but such sex-calls are believed to function within the Miller standard of obscenity. “According to Henry Boatwright (Chairman of the U.S. Advisory Board for Social Concerns), approximately 70 percent of the pornographic magazines sold end up in the hands of minors”[1]. Women Against Pornography estimate that about 1.2 million children are annually exploited in commercial sex (child pornography and prostitution)(Anderson,2002). James Check conducted an experiment where men were exposed to different degrees of pornography, some violent, some not. All groups exhibited the same shift in attitude, namely a higher inclination to use force as part of sex (Anderson,2002).

Pornography and Addiction: Brain Chemistry Research and Porn (by Marnia Robinson) Ratings:  (0)|Views: 6,738 |Likes: 35
Published by Lobuscher
 Since free porn videos became widely available at high speed, about five years ago, heavy porn users increasingly report inability to become aroused by real mates, and early onset of erectile dysfunction. The parallels between drug use and porn use, and the benefits that accrue as users avoid porn, suggest that researchers may find it fruitful to study the effects of porn in the reward circuitry of the brain. Framing the porn debate in terms of “dampening the pleasure response of the brain,” and recovery from porn addiction in terms of “returning the brain to normal sensitivity” has definite advantages. without porn or porn fantasy

, and keeps track of frequency.That way, researchers could compare the heavy porn users with various(frequency) groups of non-porn users.Another confounding factor is that orgasm without a partner appears to havea different neurochemical profile than orgasm during intercourse with a partner. Orgasm with intercourse, for example, releases four times as much prolactin after climax and is associated with lower stress markers for a week.(“Penile-Vaginal Intercourse Is Better: Evidence Trumps Ideology” and “The Post-Orgasmic Prolactin Increase Following Intercourse Is Greater Than Following Masturbation and Suggests Greater Satiety” It’s likely related changesare going on in the limbic system.It may be that the results reported in connection with intercourse are linkedto greater production of oxytocin (among other changes) due to affectionatetouch and positive social interaction. Again, oxytocin is associated withfeelings of warm satisfaction.Orgasm often triggers a brief rise in oxytocin. (“Specificity of theneuroendocrine response to orgasm during sexual arousal in men”, however, orgasm doesn’t reduce cortisol, while positive socialinteraction and warm touch consistently do. (“Social support and oxytocininteract to suppress cortisol and subjective responses to psychosocial stress” Paradoxically, high oxytocin without social support is associatedwith higher 

cortisol. “Anxiety, cortisol, and attachment predict plasmaoxytocin” cues (generous touch, close companionship) appear to work by relaxing 
the amygdala, not hammering the reward circuitry directly (as porn8

does). In social bonds, it appears that oxytocin triggers the release of dopamine to make them rewarding via a slightly different brain pathway.Some assume that porn users “bond” to porn in lieu of women, perhaps dueto the spurt of oxytocin often released at climax. This seems doubtful. Pornhijacks our drive to mate, which is probably the most powerful, most drug-like, neurochemical response we humans experience. Porn can certainly leadto subsequent dissatisfaction and a desire for more. But porn users don’tdesire more of the same

. Instead they desire the more intense stimulation of 
. So they generally aren’t “bonding” to specific porn; most are simply becoming dependent on the neurochemicals of intense arousal. One of our website visitors mentioned he had seen a TV show on sex dolls. One manhad already acquired ten

life-size rubber dolls he barely had room to store, because only novelty seemed to offer satisfaction. (Obviously, it didn’t, andthis is a graphic example of how the binge trigger actually promotesdissatisfaction.) Conclusion

Framing the porn debate in terms of “dampening the pleasure response of the brain,” and recovery from porn addiction in terms of “returning the brainto normal sensitivity” has definite advantages:1.It sidesteps the moral debate and freedom-of-speech debate entirely,so it doesn’t provoke resistance, or increase shame (which canstrengthen compulsion due to the added neurochemical buzz of forbidden or anxiety-producing activities).2.Educating young people about porn and the brain is challenging, but possible. In fact, learning about the reward circuitry helps kidsunderstand all addictions, including junk food (obesity). To this end, afree audiobook directed to kids and their parents to help bothunderstand the risks of porn addiction in terms of its effects on the brain can be heard here: “Things You Didn’t Know About Porn” Slide presentation of excerpts: audio file: 9

3.Erectile dysfunction (or lack of orgasmic responsiveness in bothsexes) is powerful motivation to change one’s habits. But only if oneclearly understands how over-stimulation can desensitize the brain.Without this information, most users chart their course by short-termresults, and conclude that the solution to erectile dysfunction is hotter and hotter porn, and then sexual enhancement drugs, or both.One recovered user on my website recommended this tongue-in-cheek warning for porn videos:SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Habitual use of this productmay adversely affect your perceptions about the opposite sex andsignificantly reduce the amount of pleasure you are able to experiencefrom normal activities and through normal social interactions.In 2009, a highly regarded German sexologist made the same point in aninterview: What is the most urgent thing to be done?

There ought be a warning notice on every porn video, and before any pornographic Internet clip there should also be a warning: "Theviewing of pornography can inflict considerable harm to your sexualhealth!" We do have sufficient facts that would justify such a warning.( Note: The current draft of the forthcoming DSM-V (  Diagnostic and  Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

) contains a new proposedsection called "Hypersexual Disorder."( ) "Pornography" use is listed as one possible manifestationof this disorder (assuming it meets the criteria).10

Pornography provides company to those who feel lonely or inadequate, simultaneously reducing depression in young males. 

Pornography, when supplemented into ones sexual life, allows people to fulfill their greatest fantasies without worrying about any consequences. 

Pornography leads to an unrealistic expectation of appearance and sexual experience in the opposite gender. 

Pornography is addictive and can lead to failed relationships, family problems, job loss, and even debt. 


affects of pornography
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Affects of Pornography
Pornography is often viewed as a harmless activity. Not true! Today’s pornography is no longer a bit of full-frontal nudity and some bumping and grinding. The stuff that used to be illegal, cruelty, degradation and humiliation of women through

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close-ups of penetration, ejaculation and masturbation are now legal. Pornography doesn’t create a desire to be close, it destroys intimacy in a marriage. Also, pornography greatly degrades women. Furthermore, a subject that may often be overlooked, is the danger and sometimes psychological affects pornography has on the ‘misguided participants’. In many aspects, pornography has several negative affects in American culture.

Pornography can be harmful to a marriage. It creates unrealistic demands about how much sex a healthy relationship may have, specific sexual acts that are expected to be performed, and how a woman is supposed to respond to sexual actions, to name just a few. Real life is quite often different as to what is represented in the fake world of pornography. And when a husband demands that reality fulfills his fantasy, sex becomes not as good for him and degrading to his wife. In the end, both feel awkward, less interested in sex with each other, and sometimes angry. Many men who watch pornography compare their wives to what they have seen. And face it, no wife can live up to the image pornography brings into her husbands mind. One wife said, Although I was careful with my clothes and figure, I found that my husband was increasingly critical of the way I looked. . . . I wasnt attractive enough to compete with eternally young, surgically altered models. . . . In the end, he lost all interest in me as a sexual partner. This had a devastating impact on my view of my worth as a woman. It created such despair in me that I began to let my appearance go. (Russell, Diana p. ). When a man is married and becomes addicted to pornography his fantasies become more explicit, more bizarre and more touched with violence to achieve any level of excitement with his wife. Since images alone are not enough, desire to act out the fantasies becomes more powerful. Sex between a man and a woman who are married is sometimes looked at as a gift from God that should be given our respect. But pornography is bad because of the way in which it presents sex. It often shows women being physically and emotionally tortured. Most importantly, all pornography presents women only as a tool for pleasure. Whether it’s Playboy or an X-rated film, pornography conditions the person looking at it to see all women in his life in the same way he sees the women in his pornographic pictures. These men very often go on to act out what they have seen, either with their wives or with a stranger. In a message researched by Edward Donnerstein, he concluded that, If you take normal males and expose them to graphic violence against women in R-rated films, the research doesnt show that theyll commit acts of violence against women. It doesnt say they will go out and commit rape. But it does demonstrate that they become less sensitized to violence against women, they have less sympathy for rape victims, and their perceptions and attitudes and values about violence change. Pornography obviously can make two people grow farther apart and make a marriage even harder than it already is! Pornography is degrading to women. Often in a pornographic film, I have researched and come to the conclusion that there is very little view of a woman’s face or any part of her anatomy other than the genital region. Also, the action consists mainly of close-ups of anal and vaginal penetration. Sometimes the girl undergoes double penetration while practicing oral sex on a third man, or with more than one man at the same time. How much more degrading can you get? I was not even aware of how graphic these films got. What’s even more revolting is that in many of these videos the men ejaculate over the girl’s face. The girl’s expression is portraying pleasure, but for one brief moment when she thinks the camera isn’t looking, her facial expression changes and you see her disgusted before she resumes her pose. Again, this may be graphic but this is the real dirt on pornography and the degradation of women. Pornography is responsible for spreading the idea that women are available and willing at anytime to fulfill a mans sexual demands. In most cases, it portrays women as mindless objects who exist only to service a mans every sexual need. It also gives the viewer a demeaning view of women as being nothing more than animals interested in sex. Pornography presents women in stereotypical views. And hey, in pornographic films where do the women come into the picture as far as sexual pleasure? When a man wants pleasure the women are at his every beck and call. When a women may request something it is simply an inconvenient expectation of her own. In pornography men certainly do not value women for their minds. Since they don’t appear to have discovered that women have such a thing! Men who repeatedly look at pornography lose their ability to give women the respect they deserve. Instead of enjoying the mind and heart of a woman, they focus on her body undressing her in their thoughts and picturing what it would be like to have a sexual encounter with her. In many cases, they find it difficult and uncomfortable to imagine themselves being involved with a woman in any other way than physically. Pornography is easily identified as being degrading to women. Even I, as a male, find it offensive that women are portrayed in such ways.

There are many risks that ‘porn stars’ take when participating in such an industry. Production companies that actually make the films or the performers the producers hire, are men and women as young as 18, for sex that is often unprotected. According to a report done by ABC News in October of 00, only a handful of high end production companies require condoms, leaving the majority of performers vulnerable to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. While some companies require performers to take HIV tests, there is no government regulating these tests in the industry. Keep in mind that performers sexual activity off the set, with spouses or lovers, can spread disease beyond the industry. At conventions and other public events, the adult industry portrays itself as a happy family promoting shame-free sexual enjoyment. But privately, many performers say the reality is very different. As quoted in the ABC news report, Theres some unwritten law or agenda out here in Pornoland that … if we tell the truth about whats really going on here, the fan will get turned off, said Ona Zee, a former performer who now wants to help in the fight for a change in the porn industry. Porn movies are very popular. They also are on the shelves for quite a bit of time. When a porn movie is made, the performers get a lump sum of money. Even if their movie does extremely well , most performers see little of the profits. They are seldom paid upon how well their movie sells, and often get only a flat fee. The fees vary from $50 to $1,000 for a regular sex scene to a few thousand dollars for more extreme sex according to research done by ABC News. Few of the companies provide health insurance, and most performers find they must work without condoms if they want to keep getting jobs. The fans dont like to see condoms, said performer Belladonna, which is a belief that common in the industry. Like many other performers I have researched, Belladonna started in the business when she was 18, the legal minimum. What’s even scarier is that many producers and distributors argue that performers are ‘independent contractors’, not their employees, so they dont have any responsibility for them. As stated in ABC news, this is an issue about disease, HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, young men and women entering an issue that they often dont know enough about. Pornography is proven to be very dangerous. There are even veteran porn stars who counsel young people entering the business. That’s how bad it has gotten. The porn stars need counseling! 18-year-olds are too young to make the potentially life-altering decision to go into porn. In tests administered by the Adult Industry Medical HealthCare Foundation clinic to 48 adults between October 001 and March 00, 40 percent tested positive for at least one sexually transmitted disease, according to The Times. The tests, conducted at Sherman Oaks clinic, found nearly 17 percent had chlamydia, 1 percent had gonorrhea and 10 percent had Hepatitis B or C. These numbers were shocking to me. Why isn’t the porn industry regulated more carefully by government agencies? If nothing is done, pornography will just get worse and people in the industry will be put at a greater risk.

There’s an endless list as to the negative affects of pornography. It directly affects marriages, is offensive and degrading towards women, and is harmful towards the people participating in adult films. Pornography has expanded into a multi-billion dollar industry and the United States culture has been affected, research proves. Where will this end? The appetite for pornography seems to be growing and definitely unstoppable.

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Pornography or  porn is the explicit depiction of sexual subject matter with the soleintention of sexually exciting the viewer. It is to a certain extent similar to erotica, which is the useof sexually arousing imagery. Over the past few decades, an immense industry for the productionand consumption of pornography has grown, due to emergence of the VCR, the DVD, andInternet,  as well as the emergence of social attitudes  more tolerant of sexual portrayals.The content of pornography is a function of many things, including culture, history, biology, andtechnology. Over time, pornography has grown more and more sexually explicit as producers havetaken advantage of the freedoms that accompanied the spread of democracy.  Pornography and itsappeal are nothing new to mankind.  What makes pornography a forbidden practice, is itspromiscuous and uninhibited nature.  Source:

Millions  of  people  access  pornographic  sites  around  the  globe  everyday.The battle of defending and fighting pornography is one that will never end since the two opposingviews are equally strong.  Pro-pornography or anti-pornography, the Western world remainsobsessed with sex and its means of expression; that is why the pornography issue will not easilydisappear.   The reasons for opposing pornography are as diverse as it gets.  Religious groups andlots of academic educators believe that pornography demoralizes society's values and ethics.

Theoretical Framework 

Lee Ellis (2005) suggests a theory of rape that adds concepts of how sex hormones affect brain functioning to portions of evolutionary, feminist, and social learning theories of rape to formthe Synthesized Theory. This theory has been designed to incorporate the strengths of the other theories, while avoiding the weaknesses, to create a Synthesized Theoryof why rape occurs.According to Ellis, a major strength of feminist theory is its recognition of the relationship between rape and the power/dominance structure between the sexes. Further, feminist and sociallearning theories introduced the concept that exposure to violent pornography would enhancetendencies of some men to behave aggressively towards women, which is empirically supported. The conservative Perspective

(2003) is based on the traditional foundation of obscenity law,which focuses on how pornography corrupts moral virtue and social order. It takes the position thatsexual desire should be restrained by rationality, interpersonal commitment, and responsibility,qualities that are preserved by marriage and commitment to the family. In this view, pornographyalso contributes to sexual violence. The conservative view may be based on religion or on secular moral theory. In the United States, several major religious activists have worked in theantipornography movement, but evangelicals of the New Right have been the most influential,especially since the 1970s. Feminist Perspective

The mainstream
feminist perspective
rejects the moral andreligious views of the conservative approach, focusing instead on how pornography contributes tothe inequality and subordination of women in society. In this view, pornography is not about sex

The porn industry has been around for ages and has evolved over the years into a phenomenon that generates billions of dollars every year. Nowadays you can find it on the Internet, in books, in magazines, and on TV. Recently, it has become evident that access to pornography is by no means limited, except for legally, to minors.

Fulfilling a sexual fantasy can take someone to a place of ecstasy. Not fulfilling a sexual fantasy can leave them frustrated and irritated. Coming close to fulfilling it can make them momentarily happy, which is where pornography does its job.

The fact is that a lot of people do a lot of things for sex. Consciously or subconsciously, the urge to procreate as human beings is something that is undeniable. Sigmund Freud is considered to be the founder of psychoanalysis and his theories involve the process of relating many human emotions, actions, and reactions to the primal impulses associated with sex. Although many criticize his theories as incomplete and closed-minded, his research has greatly contributed to mankind’s understanding sexual aggression, love, and many different complexes. These complexes are often transformed into multi-media, and more specifically pornography. Controversial fantasies such as rape, pedophilia, and incest are often the subject of pornographic material and can sometimes lead to the dangerous activity of an emotionally unstable individual and the endangerment of an undeserving victim. On the other hand, a lot of people who have not become serial killers regularly enjoy pornography, individually or as a group, and proceed to live a comfortable family life.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the pros and cons of pornography in a debate that would contribute to the hypothetical porn equivalent of the prohibition. It is of fundamental importance to acknowledge both the positive and the negative effects that pornography has on its users in order to realize the overall negative impact that this industry contributes.

2. The Positive Effects of Pornography
2.1. The Benefits of Pornography
There are many advocates of pornography, and the arguments they impose certainly have some rationale behind them. The world would be a very different place if pornography was banned and the change would not necessarily be for the better. Furthermore, it is an industry, which has boosted many economies and generates a lot of economic activity all over the world. There are many instances where pornography can help an individual or a couple. Many opinions state that there are no discernable effects of pornography and that that it actually has beneficial effects in terms of fantasy, sex education, and artistic expression (Malamuth and Billings, 1986, 85). For instance, consider a family of four. Included is a married couple and two children, a teenage boy and a teenage girl. In a hypothetical case, we can understand the positive effects pornography can have on each member of the family.

2.2. A Real Life Example
Let us consider the mother and the father. Naturally, after 15 years of marriage, the husband’s sex-drive has lowered considerably meanwhile the wife’s has risen. Unfortunately, neither looks the same as they did when they were newlyweds, especially the wife after having two children. This couple, which is in a monogamous relationship, may explore the option of viewing pornography together as a stimulant. They may find something very interesting for themselves, something that stimulates creativity in the bedroom that they never developed earlier, due to a lack of need. If the couples’ marriage were to crumble due to infidelity or a lack of romance stemming from disinterest and boredom, the children would suffer from a lot of turmoil that could have been otherwise avoided.

The children are affected in another way. The boy has had mixed sexual feelings and repressed his sexual identity for most of his life. He has a feeling that he might be gay but he is too shy to tell anyone, especially his old-fashioned father. The girl is going through puberty and is very curious and artistic by nature. Both children explore their feelings via pornography and satisfy their urges and understanding of sex. They realize that they are not ready yet to explore sex on their own but treat a suppressed need for sexual expression through pornography. Considering that they are enrolled in a private school with a religious curriculum, which does not support extensive sex education, this is a huge positive for the children. Otherwise the boy and the girl may have made themselves susceptible to the dangers that coincide with unprotected sex. By banning pornography, the consensus neglects to understand that it is merely a result of the fact that men and women are sexual beings (Malamuth and Billings, 1986, 85).

3. The Negative Effects of Pornography
3.1. Pornography and Sexual Aggression
A common criticism of pornography is that exposure can lead to increased sexual aggression in the viewers. In a report which explores the positive effects of experimenting with pornography, the research conducted suggests that sexual violence in pornography can create many anti-social effects, such as increased acceptance of rape myths, increased acceptance of violence against women and decreased perceptions of the suffering of a rape victim (Check and Malamuth, 1984, 15). Furthermore, a more recent study of 16 experiments which involved subject’s examination of violent and non violent pornography concluded that after exposure to the pornographic material, attitudes supporting sexual aggression increased (Malamuth et al., 2000, 44). Coupled with the idea that aggression towards women can have positive consequences (Malamuth and Ceniti), this can lead to some dangerous situations.

3.2. The Case of Ted Bundy
In the case of Ted Bundy, an infamous serial killer who murdered and raped many women and was executed for it, sex and more specifically pornography changed his life for the worse. In his final interview with James Dobson, Bundy told a story of how a little boy who was fascinated with pornography turned into the man that he was. His first exposure to pornography was when he was a minor, at the age of 13. The fascination and aggression he displayed was gradually brought forth from fantasy to reality. Although this is an extreme case, Bundy’s claim was that every criminal that he came in contact with while incarcerated shared a similar history and involvement with pornography (Dobson). For Bundy, along with many others, the addiction to immediate sexual gratification along with desensitization leads to acting out sexually in a violent way.

3.3. Considering the Youth
This brings us to a point that was explored by the Children’s Digital Media Center and Department of Psychology at the University of California. As mentioned earlier, access to pornography is by no means limited to adults. In a literary review, findings showed that there are many cases of children being inadvertently exposed to pornography through the use of peer-to-peer file-sharing networks. This exposure can influence sexual violence, moral values, and sexual activity of minors (Greenfield, 2004, 741). Misinformation gathered via this exposure can further harm children who already suffer from antisocial behavior.

When asked about these experiences, many of the subjects mentioned feelings of disgust (24.5%), shock/ surprise (23.6%) and embarrassment (21.4%) (Greenfield, 2004, 744). These are feelings that should never be associated with sex. Since the minors are not well educated on the matter, this can create lasting complexes. A boy can feel like he is inadequate while a girl can feel like it is okay to be mistreated, or vice versa depending on the type of pornography. Because the exposure is inadvertent and unintentional, many parents are unaware or unable to communicate about this issue. Furthermore, many children are not privileged enough to have the warm parent-child relationship needed in order to discuss the things they see.

4. Conclusion
Although there are certain ways to present pornography that would cause minimal harm to its viewers, the overall effect of pornography on our society is negative. For those who argue that pornography stimulates sexual expression, the fact is that pornography desensitizes the viewer until the point where only abnormal sexual activity is perceived as gratifying. For a couple that is having trouble being romantically involved with each other, there are many options that do not involve pornography, such as marriage counseling. The argument that pornography serves as a reasonable tool for sex education is preposterous, unless you would like your child to learn about rape and unprotected group-sex as opposed to STDs and pregnancy prevention. The problem with treating pornography as a form of artistic expression lies within the fact that most pornography is made for profit and not artistic expression. The sheer volume of material that is targeted to one target group but received by others is unparalleled by any other industry. The dangers of addiction, especially for minors, are too important to overlook. Just as propaganda that slanders certain religions, races, and people is cast away, so should the pornographic propaganda that teaches sexual aggression towards women is fine and that men and women are suppose to look a specific way to be considered beautiful. Until a substantial and effective method of censorship of content and distribution of pornography is established, its production and distribution must halt.

As the debate over pornography and its place in society grows hotter every day, several authors in particular shed a new light on the subject. Both their intuition and insight involving their beliefs can help the reader a great deal in seeing aspects of this debate that might have otherwise gone without the consideration that they so deserve. I believe that pornography is not only okay, but is allowing our country to take a step back and ask ourselves how far we are willing to go and what we are willing to sacrifice in order to preserve free speech and our rights to personal choice.

The argument over pornography is not merely the debate over right or wrong, but also involves the theory that its existence requires, or possibly even causes, an inequality between men and women.
I ask you, how could something like pornography cause an in-equality between men and women when women are the major contributors to the industry? Who is going to watch a porn without women in it? Therefore, at least at first glance, it would seem that since women are actively contributing to the business of pornography maybe they should be criticized at least equally if not more so than the men who watch it. According to author J.M. Coetzee and his article "The Harms of Pornography", the real questions here are, "what is the difference between obscenity and pornography", and even more importantly, "where do we draw the line between the two"? Coetzee brings up a good point here. A point on which the entire debate over pornography hinges. What is the defenition of "obscenity"? An excerpt from a speech by Mike Godwin, Online Counsel for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, gives a good definition of obscenity in his on-line article: "Fear of Freedom: The Backlash Against Free Speech on the 'Net'".

Everybody more or less knows something about what qualifies as obscene.
You know it has something to do with "community standards," right? And with appealing to the "prurient interest." A work has to be a patently offensive depiction of materials banned by state statute and appeal to the

prurient interest to be obscene and it also has to meet one other requirement. It also has to lack serious literary, artistic, social, political or scientific value. That's how something is classified as "obscene."

Godwin states that one of the criteria for decency or absence of obscenity is that something must contain social political or scientific value. Is it possible that pornography is an outlet for people that prevents ideas that start out as fantasies or desires from becoming real? If so, then it's possible that the porn industry is doing us a bigger favor than we know. In an article written by Donna A. Demac, the history of censorship, obscenity, pornography and the rights of "the people" are conveyed with a decidedly liberal attitude. Demac's article gives an intelligent overview as to the actions of various political parties, groups and activists that have fought either for or against some of the issues regarding pornography, and his article can be effectively used to defend free speech.

The most opinionated and conservative of the authors included is Catherine MacKinnon, who touches on the thought that there is a great deal of similarity between pornography and black slavery. In her article "Pornography, Civil Rights and Speech" she states that "the harm of pornography does not lie in the fact that it is offensive but that, at least in developed societies, it is an industry that mass produces sexual intrusion, access to, possession and use of women by men for profit". MacKinnon approaches pornography not from a "moral" standpoint, but strictly from the "political" point of view that says pornography is a threat to the gender equality of our nation. I say she is wrong and that not only is pornography okay, but in many cases could contribute to the health of our society. I will quickly agree that pornography should be kept away from the eyes of our children, and that there is a proper time and place for it, but consider some of the acts that, providing that pornogrpahy was made illegal, would not only go under ground but might actually become real instead of acted out.

Coetzee goes to great lengths to bring to light indescrepancies and unclarified ideas throughout MacKinnon's article. One of Coetzee's most prominent points is that the differences between "obscenity" and "pornography" go far beyond a difference in term based on either political or moral argument. While at times Coetzee seems to generally disagree with or at least greatly challenge MacKinnon's ideas, there are times at which the two authors trains of thought almost seem to coincide. One such issue would be that MacKinnon is not necessarily looking to hunt out all occurrences of pornography in today's literature and media, but to snuff out the commercial end of it. The end that makes billions based on women being "used" by men, and does nothing at all to improve their social standing in our society. But why must everything be used to bolster the social position of women? It is this topic specifically that seems to have gone un-argued by Coetzee.

Coetzee's stand on this issue of pornography and obscenity as a part of today's culture is never quite addressed may very well remain a mystery to the reader. From many of the author's statements and criticism's of MacKinnon, one could gather that he takes a much more liberal stand and yet somehow successfully avoids pressing his opinions. He also does a wonderful job of highlighting some of the more minute intricacies related to MacKinnon's writing which may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

If you read Demac's article you may find that "Sex", throughout history has been more than merely a method of procreation. In Demac's article it is also stated that the editorial and news press at times found sexual content the only way to keep the political news interesting. Based on Demac's article, sex has always been sort of a "mystery" or something dark that nobody liked to talk about, and yet everybody was interested in. Maybe this is the reason that our society today has such a hard time talking to there children about sex and the prevention of such things as pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. I am often amazed that people have such a hard time talking about sex and sex related topics when it rates second in priority among human drives. Second only to the drive to eat.

Pornography is nothing new, in fact prostitution is sometimes called "the world's oldest profession". All that has changed is the degree in which it is used. People become numb to what once was erotic or dangerous and eventually want more. Demac's article illustrates this extremely well as he gives a general overview of the history of pornography. His view is very helpful in seeing how pornography has progressed and where it is now, relative to where it has been. Unfortunately as all of our authors have, in their own way stated, sex is not the real issue at hand here. The issue is "Obscenity". Pornography in these writers eyes seems to be a mixture of sex which is completely natural and nearly every person enjoys at one time or another and obscenity which is the element that MacKinnon says "keeps sex interesting for men". It seems that if things (sex and pornography) were less extravagantly portrayed on the television, print and even the radio, that less would be needed to fulfill one's "appetite" for eroticism. If there actually were some "line" that were drawn, unable to be crossed, would that given amount of "danger" be enough? I doubt it. The thing that keeps men (the major supporters of the pornography industry) so interested in women according to MacKinnon is the idea of having the power over a woman. It's this power that breeds obscenity as men want more and more of this "power". Sometimes it's taken much to far, but where can you draw the line? When is too much too much? Coetzee brings up a good point when he quotes Mackinnon:

"In visual media it takes a real person doing each act to make what you see; pornography models are real women to whom something real is being done".
Coetzee challenges this argument by asking the reader about violence in movies. He asks, "Are knife thrusts and gunshots not just as real?" According to Coetzee, the acts of sex portrayed on a television screen are happening to real people, yet one of the greatest attributes of sex, and one of the things that make it sacred are the feelings involved between the two people. Therefore, if there are no feelings between the two actors, isn't it merely acting? The models are being paid and have most likely been made aware of what will happen and therefore given their consent. What about the possibility that the problem not only lies in the hands of the men who watch these acts on a video tape, but the women who make them. Without the availability of women who were willing to produce this kind of material the pornography industry would come to a screeching halt. What's there to watch without women? Maybe it all comes down to; "If you're not a part of the solution, you're part of the problem".

The lines between right and wrong are often much more gray than black and white, which is most likely where most people live. No one can say to another what is right and wrong, or what should or shouldn't be done, that decision has to be left to the individuals themselves. It's this issue of pornography having an effect on women who aren't even involved in the industry of making or even watching it. We as a nation and even a world stand to learn a lot from simply listening to ourselves. We like to stand up and say what is right, and yet acting on it rarely happens. In order for our society to come to any sort of peace on this issue of pornography, it needs to be accepted that people need to be allowed to make decisions for themselves without the intervention of some government medium, but only as long as those decisions don't effect or hinder the rights of others.

Pornography is an immense opportunity for an experiment in freedom of speech
and democracy. The largest scale experiment this world has ever seen. It's up to you and it's up to me and it's up to all of us to explore that opportunity, and it's up to all of us not to lose it. I'm not yet a parent myself, and I may not be for some time, but I worry about my future children and pornography all the time. Here's what I worry about. I worry that 10 or 15 or even 20 years from now she will come to me and say, "Daddy, where were you when they took freedom of the press and speech away from us?" and I want to be able to say I was there -

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Gemare Rojo  ahahah yan lng ee.. nasabe na nla mostly ang mga possible na sagot sa question u :)) September 17 at 5:18am · Like

Ar-Ar Peñaflor Maybe its not a motivation actually. Its a drive. As for me it probably is due to sexual urge which is why their mind is highly into pornography. September 17 at 5:22am · Like

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