Pornography as Art

Topics: Art, Sexual arousal, Person Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: August 9, 2011
Art vs. Pornography

I believe that pornography exists for the sole purpose of making money from arousal. Art is a form of expression that has essential meaning. Pornography is vulgar while art is expressive and enlightening. Art becomes pornography when it‘s not use in a right way, and when it expresses nothing but mere sexual arousal. Art makes you think, on the other hand, pornography does not, it makes you react by instinct, mere carnal desire. The subject of pornography is for sexual intentions only. Art has a very broad subject, though some of the artworks has a nude content on it, it is not use to give sexual pleasure but to represent something intelligently.

Nudity as a form of art???

“They do this in the name of realistic truth…”

In my opinion, nudity is very different in pornography, and it’s easy to determine the difference of these two things. Nudity can be consider as a part of an art but it has its limits, if the whole content of the work is only about nudity and sex, then I can say that its pornography. In art the subject is not the sexuality of the person, but the sensuality, innocence, and humanity of the subject as well as the vulnerability. There's also a big difference in the way the subject is posed. In porn the sexual parts of the body are the main focus. In art you may see the sexual parts, but it is shown properly and surely not erotic. The lines of the body and the face are the true focus with the back and for grounds receiving just as much attention. Another way to tell this is by the lighting. If you look at the lighting in porn it's not focused on the face, but the sexual areas. The light in art is focused on the face primarily since it is emotion that is the main focus.

Opposed to truth about the human person

It is clearly evident that the effects of pornography are harmful and destructive to the human mind and body. Pornography causes a lowering of the moral atmosphere of the individual, thus the community as a...
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