Pornography and Men's Consciousness

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse, Pornography Pages: 3 (575 words) Published: June 26, 2012
Andrea Tidwell
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24 Mar 2010

Pornography and Men’s Consciousness

As a woman, I realize I definitely see the whole industry and concept of pornography differently than I think

most men do. Probably even differently than some other women, in my opinion.

The degree to which pornography is harmful to our society, to relationships, is immense, in my opinion.

Different types of pornography have some separate issues, but I think with all there are some common themes.

Objectifying people, becoming desensitized, and distorting one’s perception of sexual activity being just a few.

Once relationships are harmed, that in turn affects many aspects in society. For example, according to the article

“Use of Internet pornography and men’s well-being” by Andreas G. Philaretou, Ahmed Y. Mahfouz, and Katherine R.

Allen, “Divorce attorneys find that compulsive computer use tends to be a leading factor in divorce.”

I believe that sexual objectification of women is a major issue in society also. The rationale of some men in

viewing pornography might be, “Well, I’m not violent, it’s not like I’m going to go out and rape anyone”, or “These

women are doing this of their own free will.” These are not valid arguments, in my opinion. It denies the corruptness

and violence involved in the industry, and how much it’s controlled by men. I think it also denies the abuse that many

of these women have already experienced at the hands of men.

While a man who views pornography very well may not go out and rape anyone, I think it’s absolutely going to

affect the way he views and relates to women. I have a cousin whose husband has a pretty significant problem with

pornography, and it has caused numerous problems in their marriage. Not only with their sex life, but their financial

situation, as well.

She expressed to me frustration in their sex life, because she felt like she could no longer please him....
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