Pornography Among Children

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What is pornography? Pornography is known as “porn” or “porno” which means the depiction of erotic behavior. It intended to cause sexual excitement. Some people believe that online pornography is just a form of personal free speech, Somehow we have to care to the under age children also. There is too many resources that can make children expose to pornography such as book, magazine, mass media, and gadget and so on. One of the easiest and most popular ways is over the Internet. The only downside is that the Internet is accessible to children. While adults should have limitless access to Internet porn, minors should be kept away from this concubine. So it should be legally protected since viewing pornography is definitely destructive to the body, mind, and spirit and bring a long-term impact on children healthily growth processes. Usage of Internet pornography grows rapidly every day. It can be accessed easily enough by anyone that wishes to see the material, has a modem, and sometimes a wishful intent. Once our children are using the internet it must be a big concern about it. we need to avoid children from accessing the online pornography which is determine the causes, effect, factor and prevent with the best way.

The factor why these children expose to the pornography is through family institution. Failures to correct the deficiencies parents own their children will cause these children no longer respect them. When both parents go out to work, children are neglected and do not get the attention of busy parents with their work. With this, the teenagers will find in its own way to get satisfaction. School also the factor why these children watch pornography. It is because In school children friends with other children with nobody know their background. The children will learn to know everything at their age. They want to try something new and challenges like their friend do. Furthermore, the factor is mass media. Through an advanced technology, teenagers are susceptible to a lot of information, including inappropriate material. The children imitate and follow things around them. Negative scenes from western movies that contain many violent scenes make the children curious. They tent to follow what they are watching the video compact discs, some television programs and internet. Lack of awareness to the children also the factor this thing happens. Parent takes it easy of this thing. They believe their children did not do such a thing. Other than that they not bother with what the children do at house.

There is some causes that can lead the children to watch pornography. The first and important cause is by peer influence. A child who comes from a troubled family wills easily influenced by their peers who may be in the same boat with him. These children is easy to be influence by bad elements and they will make something unexpected to impress others such as challenge to do what in the porn site. Other than that, the causes why children expose to pornography are because of increased cost of living. rapid urbanization will create an impact on the rising cost of living in the city. This requires both parents to work to meet the increasing costs of the city until the lack of attention to the child. Children will try to find pleasure through the internet. This will cause the children expose to pornography. Lack of religious education also the causes why the children expose to porn. The lack of a proper religious education since childhood will form a noble character and personality in adolescents. Parents should guide their children and make themselves as examples. When there is no education about religious the children will easy to be influenced and tent to do something that out of their box. Negative influence from mass media is the lead why children exposed to pornography. Internet is so powerful than other media so due to its nature that can break through the...

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