Pornograhphy in Education

Topics: Human sexuality, Pornography, Erotica Pages: 3 (805 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Teresa Adams
Assignment 4 – Short argumentative essay

In today’s society sex has gone mainstream. Whether if you go to the grocery store, to the gas station, sex is on display. Bookstores, video stores, mall shops, strip malls, billboards, (and if in Nevada) even sidewalks can be advocating some type of sexual fantasy. With it being such an openly used term, some would consider these displays to be a type of pornography. Pornography is not necessarily a bad thing, but if placed in an inappropriate situation, it can become quite vile. Pornography, in terms of an intimate relationship can have its place, but may not always be acclimating to both partners. The purpose of this essay is to describe how pornography can improve an intimate relationship between two individuals. Pornography is a useful tool but only if executed properly.

Most people feel pornography puts a negative connotation on relationships. Mainly, in a relationship, some women are opposed to viewing pornography in fear of their partners encouraging them to partake in sexual acts they see as “extreme and unnatural.” However, their partner may view these sexual acts as normal, simply because they saw it portrayed in a “porno.” Some of these acts include threesomes, orgies, and even sadism and masochism. Others feel pornography can destroy relationships because of its ability to become addictive. However, many would argue that pornography is just a cover up for the true root to your sexual unhappiness.

The typical age a child begins to go through puberty is between the ages of ten through sixteen. It also happens to be that the typical age for a child to first view porn (in the United States) is eleven. Therefore, parents should use this time to be proactive in their children’s lives; Talk to your kids about sex. According to Planned Parenthood, its never “too late” to discuss sex with your child; what could be a better situation than the beginning stages of your...
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