Pork Barrel

Topics: Philippines, Meaning of life, Government Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: October 6, 2014
Should pork barrel be abolished?
Pork barrel literally takes the meaning of setting apart budgets, which initially were taken from the people’s money, for the realization of the proposed development projects of the members of the Congress of the Philippines. It usually is intended to benefit a group of citizens of a certain politician in return of their political support, which were either in the form of campaigning or in the voting process. To have these purposes be done neatly is a challenge for every politician. The temptation gets the better of them at times, and this heads into the downside of having a pork barrel. Normally, in the English language, either addition or omission of words or letters always brings about another meaning into a word/group of words. Just like when pork barrel and scam meets halfway, its result you would never want to hear. But if every politician just works with conscience, then we won’t have any fear in mind regarding the collision of the words. But if otherwise, then it would not produce good feedbacks from the people. The idea of whether or not to abolish the pork barrel is too hard to decide. But if I were to, I would have chosen not to take it away from the system of government. Yes, I may have stated downfalls in some parts of this essay, but I have a larger picture captured in mind. The outcome of abolishing this system I would always fear. What would happen to the Filipino people if the pork barrel for the betterment of the nation is abolished? Every people must remember this system had its ups in terms of building roads and bridges, program for farmers, scholarships for deserving people, among others. Now, if the pork barrel is to be scrapped, then it should be a challenge to the government to ensure that those who benefit from the program will not be affected. And that is exactly what would happen if it is abolished, there will be no guarantee that these people will continue their education and receive other...
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