pork barrel

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The Pork Barrel

What is Pork Barrel?
Pork Barrel is the appropriation of the government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative’s district.

How did the Pork Barrel start?
It started on the 12th day of July year 2013 when the Inquirer published the first of a 6-part series on the investigation of the NBI on an alleged P10-B pork barrel scam. The story was based on the affidavit of Benhur Lim-Luy, who was rescued by the NBI from the condo of Janet Lim-Napoles. Luy said Napoles was the brains behind a massive siphoning. The next day, Napoles denied Luy’s allegations. In her counter-affidavit, she said that she’s not involved in any scam. On the 16th day of July, Inquirer reported that at  P900 million from royalties in the operation of the Malampaya gas project off Palawan province intended for agrarian reform beneficiaries were siphoned off by dummy nongovernment organization (NGO) created by Napoles. August 14, the court issued a warrant of arrest for Napoles and her brother, Reynald Lim for the illegal detention of Luy. Napoles and her brother disappeared. On the 26th day of August, Filipinos gathered at the Luneta Park for the “Million People March” protest, they are calling the attention of President Aquino to abolish the Pork Barrel. After 2 days, President Aquino announced a 10 million reward for any information that would lead to the arrest of Napoles. That same day, as of 9:37 in the evening Napoles surrendered to President Aquino.

What happened to Napoles after she surrendered to President Aquino? After Napoles surrendered to President Aquino, she was detained at Makati City Jail. The next day, they transferred her to Santa Rosa Laguna because her safety cannot be assured in the Makati City Jail. No special treatment was given to her, they only let her use a refrigerator for her medicines in Diabetes and her food will only cost P115.
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