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porchia cotton

By aka271 Apr 28, 2014 738 Words
Porchia Cotton
April 3, 2014
MWF 7:00-7:50
Speech #3
List 5 people you admire and briefly explain why:
1.) First and foremost I admire my older sister Audrey Cotton, who is a perfect role model for me I would say. She’s about to graduate from nursing school to become a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree. I’ve watched her struggle, and she’s come a long way. This is who I admire the most out of anybody she is showing me the best route go and that’s what I appreciate and admire about my older sister. 2.) Secondly, I admire my grandmother. She raised 5 kids and still managed to juggle being a registered nurse and a good mother. With me being a teen mom and also in school shows me that I can do it too. 3.) Third I would have to say I admire my mother Bridget Cotton, I may should have put her name first because she was the best mother any child could have, and I never went without anything. I watched my mother struggle with bills, but she also worked 2 jobs just like my father did to make sure we had everything we needed and wanted. Now that’s the definition of strong. I watched her lose my oldest brother which is her oldest son and still try and stay strong. She’s taught me how to be the perfect mother for my son that I know I can be. 4.) Fourth, I would have to say I admire my high school mentor/cheer coach. She basically raised me through high school to get prepared for college. This women pushed me to my limits and taught me to never give up! Her beliefs, trials, and tribulations all inspire me to be the best person that I could be. As you can see I typed coach and mentor because she was both all 4 years of high school and I will never forget the lessons she taught me. 5.) I saved the best for last. I would like to say I admire myself! I’ve become such a young lady since middle/ high school. I would always find myself in troubles way back then but now I’m so much, mature, and strong minded, I love the person that I’ve become and nobody had to dig it in my head that it was time for me to grow up, I did it on my own. For years I was a follower, who was following the wrong people, and doing the wrong things but since I’ve become a mom I’m so much better now, I exaggerate that because it’s really true, I work a part time job, full time in school, and on top of all that I’m a full time parent. I’m so proud of myself. I love the young women I’ve become over the years. List 5 people you consider as idols and briefly explain why: 1.) In my eyes I see Oprah Winfrey as an idol because she’s a strong black women who started from the bottom now she’s the richest African American women in the world. She inspire me to keep striving so that I can be successful also. 2.) Also I see the new artist K Michelle as an Idol because, she reminds me so much of my mother who came out of an abusive relationship and is now a survivor and very successful in life. 3.) Gabrielle Union also who is a very talented artist and successful & inspiring black women, she started acting on local television shows, and paying her own college tuition to becoming this powerful speaker who motivates young women for a living. I also love that she gives back to the community.

List 5 events that had an impact on your life:
1.) Graduating #3 in my high school class.
2.) Giving birth to my son/ becoming a young mother.
3.) Attending my oldest brother funeral/death.
4.) Buying my first car on my own.
5.) Freshman year of my college experience.
10 special occasion speech topics:
1.) Thank You speech for my college graduation
2.) My Wedding speech
3.) Funeral tribute to me
4.) My second baby shower speech
5.) Buying my first home
6.) My first major job in my career field
7.) Appreciating god and giving him thanks
8.) Wedding vows
9.) 50th birthday party
10.) 20 year high school class reunion
Based on the above information, I have chosen following special occasion speech topic.

“Thank You for Attending My Graduation”
(Graduation Speech)

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