Populist Platform, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, And Carrie Chapman Catt: An Analysis

Pages: 4 (782 words) Published: January 26, 2018

All throughout history, people have had to face hardships, learn from them, and grow. Different eras, starting from the 1890s and ending at the 1920s, show the truth that even though there are hardships, politically and socially, one may still be optimistic. The Populist Platform, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Carrie Chapman Catt, are all fitting examples. Although they are all minorities and not as politically supported, they look at their situations and try to make the best out of what they have to do.
The People’s party, or Populist platform of 1892, was one group that was optimistic with regards to how they acted politically and economically. The platform created an extensive list of proposals that was centered around the goal of restoration....

Through her book, Gilman was able to remain optimistic. Women and other minorities admired Gilman, “her writings had a strong impact on the first generation of twentieth-century feminists.” Women and Economics is still very relevant today. “Women of ease and wealth provide for their children better than the poor woman can; but they do not spend more time upon it themselves, nor more care and effort. They have other occupation.” Mothers often put their kids first, even if they struggle to support their family and Gilman understands this. Gilman states that the mothers’ food, clothing, and luxuries are not related to their power to work and maintain a house. They are only related to who she marries and depends on. The mother is dependant on the man and how much he can give to her. Gilman says, “but presently she arose,” when writing about how industries and technology has changed women's role in society. Instead of being at home all day, these women were able to rise up and work in the...

She alluded to Uncle Sam with a flag in one had that stated “taxation without representation is tyranny” and his other hand was holding all of the billions of dollars from the womens taxes that he refuses “representation.” Catt uses a variety of popular men, including Uncle Sam and Elihu Root, to back up her reasoning for women's suffrage. Root was the president of the American Society of International Law and Catt uses his quotes to show why suffrage for the United States is inevitable. Catt is also very repetitive as a way to show how confident she is with regards to women’s suffrage being inevitable. “Do you realize that in no other county in the world with democratic tendencies is suffrage so completely denied as in a considerable number of our own states?... Do you realize that when you ask women to take their cause to state referendum you compel them to do this: that you drive women of education, refinement, achievement, to beg men who cannot read for their political freedom?” Carrie Chapman Catt understands that it is important for women to have the right to vote. She states that the “woman's hour has struck and that if a political party chooses to postpone this action, they are just pushing off the...
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