Population Growth and Company

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1. Introduction
The main purpose of the research done in the report is to discover and analyze the strategic intent and various other strategies to evaluate the internal and external influences that the company could go through owing to the dynamic market it operates in. Moreover, the evaluation of these strategies would involve examining the company’s performance in United States, the chosen host country. The performance would be looked upon with the use of the company’s annual reports since financial position of an organization is an important indicator of performance in the market. The research conducted is based on the secondary research approach considering the fact that the data pertaining to the company’s strategies and performance is available at various sources on internet. From the financial evaluation of the company, key findings extracted indicate that the company is running with fruitful profits and is expected to continue its good financial performance in the coming years. The sales growth rates are high and are expected to remain high. Moreover, its worldwide presence makes its inevitable for the company to yield high profits. This is because if the company suffers a loss in one of the host countries, it offsets by the profit earned in other host countries, a benefit of global presence. Limitations of the study being conducted are numerous. Firstly, the research is a secondary research which may not be as useful in evaluating the internal and external strategies that the company adopts. Moreover, evaluation of the strategic environment may be accurate since the data on their website is authentic, but it may lack the truth which could have been obtained from the company through a qualitative research using the tool of In-Depth interviews with company officials or by gauging consumer perception of their brands, which could have helped in judging their consumer demand and thus rightful profitability and expectation of future sales. The report would mainly be structured according to the priority of the findings that need to be extracted from the study. The first thing that would be evaluated is the company’s and the host country’s strategic environment analysis which would first involve the evaluation of various internal and external strategic environmental analytical tools. This would be followed by the analysis of the company’s internal environment. The external strategy would be evaluated of the host country, as it serves as an external source. The next section would be dedicated to discussing the participation strategy of the company, which means identifying the initial market entry modes that the company used to enter the US market. Moreover, the reason for entry modes used in this country will be discussed as well, with the help of identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the entry modes used, internal and external environment the company had at the time of its entrance in USA and the key influencers that persisted in the country and that persuaded the company to expand in this host country. The next section would involve a review of performance of the company. This will be evaluated using financial reports of the company, helping us see the sales growth, profitability, market share and the effort put in for corporate social responsibility activities. Final section would be a forecast based on the secondary research conducted and the findings compiled in the sections above. This would further help us forecast the company’s future prospects in the host country, by forecasting its sales growth levels it could expect in the US market. The forecast will be of the next five to ten years based on the financial performance, market share, sales growth and Corporate Social Responsibility in the host country. This would also help in identifying the key influencing factors that could have an impact on the company’s future development in the host country and their impact on the company as a whole. The last...

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