Population Genetics and S. Sharp

Topics: Population genetics, Natural selection, Evolution Pages: 3 (333 words) Published: January 11, 2014
Adapted from L. Miriello by S. Sharp

AP Biology
Guided Reading Chapter 23 Evolution

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1. What is the smallest using of evolution and why is this important to understand? 2. Define the following terms:
a. Microevolution
b. Population
c. Population genetics
d. Gene pool
3. What is the Hardy-Weinberg Theorem and why does it appear to be an apparent contradiction to evolution?
4. What is Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?
What are the five conditions for H-W equilibrium to maintained?

5. How can the H-W equation be used to today in terms of human health? 6. What are the two broad processes that make evolution possible? 7. What is the impact of the following:
a. Point mutation
b. Gene duplication

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Adapted from L. Miriello by S. Sharp

c. Sexual recombination
8. What is the relationship between mutation rates and generation span? 9. Define the following:
a. Genetic drift
b. Bottleneck effect
c. Founder effect
d. Gene flow
10. Why would we discuss adaptive evolution and what role does natural selection play?
11. Give examples of phenotypical variation that is not inheritable. 12. Explain the terms phenotypic polymorphism and genetic polymorphism in common terms giving an example from your own experience. I will be looking for a reasonable answer for this question – points will be deducted if not answered.

13. How do we measure genetic variation?
14. How can very small differences in nucleotide sequences lead to such diversity in the human population?

15. What is geographic variation and how does the term cline relate?

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Adapted from L. Miriello by S. Sharp

16. What is different about the terms fitness and relative fitness? 17. Why is it said that evolution acts on phenotypes and not genotypes? 18. Use the diagram below to differentiate between the modes of selection.

19. Why does diploidy preserve genetic variation?
20. How does balancing natural selection relate to...
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