Population Density of Major Insect Pest as Influenced by Spatial Arrangement in Pechay

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population density of major insect pest as influenced by spatial arrangement in pechay



Spatial arrangement in pechay production could be used as an strategic pest management. Three different spacing were used to determine the effects of spatial arrangement in the population density of pechay. The spacing were 2.5 x 5 in, 3.5 x 5 in and 5 x 5 in per plant. Collections of insect pests were done starting five days after transplanting and continued every three days until harvest. Damage rating and yield were also measured. The spacing of 5 x 5 in per plant significantly affected the lowest incidence of insect pest, leaf damage and with highest yield. The 5 x 5 in spacing per plant in this study could thus help reduce incidence of insect pest and the use of chemical pesticides and promote organic production.


Pechay (Pak Choi) is a cabbage. It is one of the most known vegetables in the Philippines. It is also knonw as one of the oldest green vegetables in Asia. The Pechay differs in many aspects from other cabbages. The leaves of the pechay vary in length from 10-30 cm the leaves are green and mild flavored and less crisp than other cabbages. Pechay has a nutrient content ( 100 gms. Edible portion), has % moisture – 93.2, Ca (mg) – 16.8, food energy – 20, P (mg) – 3.5, protein – 2, Fe (mg) – 3.7, total carbohydrate – 3.2 and (vegetables manual) Every plant has an ideal spacing. Crop spacing is the typical distance between adjacent plants for optimal use of space without sacrificing sunshine and water needs. The importance of using optimum spacing for high yields was emphasized in crop production.

Objectives of the study
The study aimed to determine the population density of major insect pest as influenced by spatial arrangement in petchay. Specifically, the study aimed: 1. To determine the population density of the insect pest in the experimental site? 2. To measure the biological yield of petchay subjected in the various spatial arrangements? 3. To measure the damage rating obtained after the experiment?

Significance of the Study

This study determined the occurrence and damage brought by the insect pest in different spatial arrangement of petchay. It can be contributory to the reduction of insect pest and the damage they brought. The results of the study could bring out areas for development which may serve as basis for local farmers producing petchay.

Scope and Limitation of the Study

The study was focused mainly on the population of top three major pest present in the site collected five days after transplanting until harvest. Only 36 seedlings were used and ten among these plants were randomly selected for data collection on population density and damage rating.

Definition of Terms
The following terminologies were operationally defined to ensure general understanding among readers. Biological yield or gross yield is the yield obtained before any losses occur during and after harvest; Damage rating is the measurement of extent of damage in crop after insect pest attacks. Insect pests are serious pests of plants which attack them in all stages and parts. based on the mode of attack, the insect pests can be classified into three types. Population density (in agriculture standing stock and standing crop) is a measurement of population per unit area or unit volume. Spatial arrangement is the property possessed by an array of things that have space between them. the spatial property of the way in which something is placed


Pechay (Brassica rapa L. cv group Pak Choi) is an erect, biennial herb, cultivated as an annual about 15-30 cm tall in vegetative stage. Ovate leaves are arranged spirally and spreading. The petioles are enlarged and grow upright forming a subcylindrical bundle. Inflorescence is a raceme with pale yellow flowers. Seeds are 1 mm in diameter and are reddish to blackish brown in color.

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