Population: Demography and Mortality Rate

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Chapter 11 Assignment: Population and Demographics

Go to the following site (CIA World Factbook) and examine the rank order of Life Expectancy at birth for various countries:


Select a country that ranks in the top 10 and one that ranks in the bottom 10. Click on the country name and read more about that country. Present a short summary on the two countries including why you believe their life expectancy is high or low and give a short summary on the demographic processes in that country: Fertility (Births), Mortality (Deaths), Migration.

High Ranking Country:

Monaco has a very low unemployment rate at a little over 6%. People who can work, can afford to eat healthier and can seek medical treatment when sick. This counties AIDS/HIV rate doesn’t even exist. That says a lot for the people’s longer life span. Plus these people eat a lot of fruit and spicy foods. En bon santé!! In 2011, the fertility rate in Monaco was 1.5 children per woman. The value for their mortality rate was under 5 per 1,000 live births in 2010. In 2011, Monaco’s migration rate was 0.1 per 1,000 persons. These statistics show to me that Monaco people don’t want to leave their country, they take care of their bodies and live long, healthy lives, and they don’t believe in having a handful of kids!

Low Ranking Country:

Chad is very low on the CIA World Factbook. Their life expectancy statistics are extremely low. Between 2005 and 2010, there were 482,000 live births and 179,000 deaths per year. The fertility rate in 2012 was 4.93 children per woman. That is a lot of baby making!!! The mortality rate in 2012 was 93.61 per 1,000 persons. The migration rate is 4.483 per 1,000 persons. Disease alone seems to be the number one killer for these poor people in Chad. Waterbourne diseases include bacterial and protozoal diarreah, hepatitis A and typhoid fever. There is also malaria, rabies,...
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