Population Crisis in Bangladesh

Topics: Population density, Demography, Overpopulation Pages: 2 (287 words) Published: May 13, 2012
Population crisis in Bangladesh
1. Bangladesh is a densely populated country
(a) Un educated problem
1. Poverty
2. Lack of consciousness
3. Economical problem
(b) Clemet condition
1. Girl achieve early birth ability
2. Agricultural bias
3. Most of the people are live in villager
(c) Decline in death rate
1. Improvement of treatment
2. Day by day discover new treatment
3. People are careful of health
2 whey Population problems is more effective in our country then developed country (a) Family planning
1. lack of family planning
2. supper station
3. Not proper Knowles about Family planning
(b) Starvation
1. Most of the people live blew
2. People of died not perfect
3. Growth is very high
(c) sex education
1. protect the birth
2. lack of Knowles about sex education
3 increasing population create different kind of problem
(a) price of product
1. production is les then rising people
2. land is fix
3. lack of technology in agricultural
(b) traffic jams
1. over population
2. increasing voiceless
3. road became very narrow
4. Time spend very much
(c) education
1. uneducated problem
2. qualified education are decries
3. rat of hire education decries
4. lack of school college university
(d) health
1. lack of hospital
2. lack of medicine
3. lack of doctor

Government of Bangladesh some steps to reduce of population problems (a) increase of cosines of population
1. birth control
2. establish education
3. increase education instituted
(b) effete of mass media
1. news paper
2. television
3. radio
4. comparing
(c) increasing population protection material should bee familiars of common people 1. increasing health centre
2. increasing health worker
3. Health worker should be active
4. Proper training...
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