Population Bomb

Topics: Overpopulation, Green Revolution, Malthusian catastrophe Pages: 2 (998 words) Published: December 7, 2014

The Population Bomb
The Population Bomb, is basically a controversy between economists and biologists. This movie is based off of the biologist Paul Enrlich’s book that discusses his view on population. In the beginning of the movie, all of these statistics are stated such as that there are one million babies born a month and that there are three billion people in the world which is way too much for our carrying capacity. After these statistics it goes into Enrlich’s belief that a rising population would one day create an age of scarcity and high prices. He came to this conclusion after a trip to India. There he saw the famine that these people were facing due to there not being enough resources for the surplus of people. This made him realize that soon India and other poor countries were going to begin relying on America and other developed countries for resources. By providing for themselves and other poor countries Enrlich saw that this would exceed their carrying capacities and one day lead to a shortage. As we became a more developed country Enrlich saw that not only was there overpopulation, but also overconsumption. Not only did he want us to reduce population, but also consumption. On the contrary, the economist Julian Simon completely disagreed with everything that Enrlich claimed he was certain of. Simon believed that markets would ensure plenty of resources. His perception is that when there is a rise to the population the demand for resources increases which causes more production. He also saw that with new upcoming technology we would find plenty of ways to increase production. Enrlich published his book with all these ideas about the future in 1968, it is now 2013 and we are doing just fine, so Enrlich’s calculations were clearly off.

As it was shown above Enrlich was completely biased in believing in controlling population in order for the world to stay thriving. Enrlich is a very stubborn man who does not want to listen to or hear...
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