Population and Human Resources

Topics: Agriculture, Human, Labour economics Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: September 16, 2012
Population and Human Resource Development
In the age of fast growing population and over mechanization, we find that more and more people are getting converted to a liability than a resource. Machines are rendering people unemployed, traditional craftsmen and artisans are being obliterated, and in this fast pace of life, we are losing taste for simple pleasure and joys. Creative talents are getting scant attention causing them to remain stagnant. In this age of machines, are we becoming too uniform, too similar lacking variety and vitality? “True motivation comes from achievement, personal development, job satisfaction, and recognition”. Frederick Herzberg 1923-2000, US psychologist

Man is known by the company he keeps and a country is known by the people it has. One can accept this fact without iota of doubt that people are any nation's greatest resource. It is the resourcefulness, creativity, courage and ‘initiative by which man is characterized. Is our development indeed helping us encourage these traits in man or are we all becoming a part of a big machine without individuality. In pursuit for money and power, are we becoming blind to our creative self our spirit. In the words of Dr. Vasudeva Reddy

“No doubt about stating that the most useful and valuable asset is human resources but unfortunately there is no universally accepted measure for its utility and contribution. The accounting wizards must develop a measure which is acceptable and easily usable universally”. There can be no doubt that development of technology and industrialization has widened horizons of man's knowledge. They have helped him become more skilled and in a way even more creative. They have helped to generate wealth, with more employment. But the benefits haven’t reached all. The result is that man is becoming unproductive, a burden or a liability. It is not our development that is making all of us follow same worn path with little scope of becoming different, but it is the...
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