Popularity Through Controversy

Topics: Religion, The Reader, Discrimination Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: April 1, 2014

Popularity through Controversy
Businesses often use advertisement as a tool to influence consumers to talk about their product or service, but The Globe and Mail has its own set of tools. The Globe and Mail creates articles that bring discussion amongst its readers, simply because each individual person will have a perspective that they will want to defend or share with others. When this happens, articles gain more readers and popularity, and this is what the corporation primarily uses as their business plan. In The Globe and Mail’s article, Religious accommodation or ‘accessory to sexism’? York student’s case stirs debate. is a primary example that highlights how they do this very effectively. The Globe and Mail’s business plan is to propose controversy through point of view, religious beliefs and discrimination. The shifting of point of views in the article allow for readers to either agree or disagree with certain people. Dr. Grayson went to The Globe and Mail claiming that it is ridiculous that the dean decided to allow accommodations to be made for the student. Dr. Grayson simply wanted to show other students that if they want to do the same thing, they must be willing to drop the class. The writers did not necessarily agree with all that Dr. Grayson had to say but they saw there was room for controversy. To get enough information for the story the journalists did not spy, they allowed Dr. Grayson to forward his emails to the globe and mail to use in the article. Even though the facts were mainly biased in Grayson’s point of view, they were still able to see both perspectives with emails written to the professor from the dean and York’s human rights centre. This makes it easier for the reader to interpret the different perspectives and then to create their own reasons for choosing sides. Another place for controversy that The Globe and Mail used is in the religious aspect of it all. The Globe and Mail recognized that religious beliefs can be seen as...
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