Popular Music and Project

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Miguel Generoso
October 3rd 2013
World cultures
Period blue

My project was on the West Side Lobsters and my group consisted of myself, Tyler, and Nick. A challenge that we faced was choosing the right pictures to fit the slides. Even though we were able to customize our flag and pick some very good photos, in the end we weren’t able to find the photos we originally intended to use. If I could change anything I think I would have changed my attitude about the whole project. I wasn’t acting very serious when we were doing the project. I also think this reflected on our grade. I also would have taken a bigger part in this project. I only made 3 slides and was assigned to make sure there were no grammical errors and I think I could’ve handled a bigger part in the project. What I really learned from this project is If you don’t act a certain way around your group mates they will assign you a stupid part. I also learned the importants of writing down the password to your email. Write it everywhere. My favorite part of this project was writing our national anthem. I loved how we were able to adapt our anthem to a modern and popular song. This made it easier to find a beat to say our anthem to. I liked how we received jolly ranchers for singing our national anthem in front of the class. It was well worth the embarrassment. My least favorite part of this project was when I couldn’t get my email to work because I didn’t know my password. This is the only negative thing I could think of while doing this project. Doing the actual project was very fun and I have no complaints. Honestly I loved doing this project. I loved presenting in front of the class, working in small groups picked randomly, and most of all I liked working in the air conditioned computer lab on hot days. Over all this was a great project and I hope we can do another project like it in the future.
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