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Review Questions
1. What is popular music?
Popular music is any music since the mid-1800s that is popular with the preferences of anyone from a teen to a mid-aged adult. 2. What theme does pop music typically use in the lyrics? Describe one pop song that uses this theme. Why is this theme such a popular one?

Pop music typically uses the theme of love and relationships in the lyrics. One pop song that uses this theme is the song “Marry Me” by Jason Derulo. Some of the lyrics are “…And if I lost everything in my heart it means nothing 'Cause I have you, Girl, I have you. To get right down on bended knee nothing else would ever be better, better that day when I'll say, ‘Will you marry me?’…” This theme is a popular one, because people can relate to it both in good ways, and in bad ways. 3. What is disco? What are the characteristics of this music?

Disco is a style of music that developed around the 1970s. It mixed what some called “soaring” vocals with a beat that was good to dance to. 4. What was the British Invasion? Which famous group was a part of this movement? What impact did the group have on pop music?

The British Invasion was a time in the 1960s when several British bands and artists became popular and influential in America. The Beatles were a large part of this movement. They impacted pop music in many ways, some of which are; they mixed several kinds of music together for some of their songs, inspiring other artists to do the same. They also sang about some of the social issues, while at the same time using catchy melodies and lyrics. 5. What is a boy band? What are some characteristics of a boy band?

A boy band is a band with around 3-6 young men who sing, and occasionally play instruments. Some characteristics of a boy band are each members “classification”. One boy could be referred to as the “nice boy”, while another was the “bad boy”, while yet another was the cute “baby”. One popular example of a boy band today is the band “One...
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