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3. Focussing on a music based scene, movement or Artist of your own choosing from the period 1955 to 2000, you will detail, explain and analyse the roots, character and legacy of your chosen subject and consider what impact, if any, your subject has had upon popular music culture and the contemporary music business.Your choice may be a genre based scene such as the development of House Music in the UK through the 1980s and 90s, or a geographically connected movement such as the Singer- Songwriter movement in Los Angeles during the early 1970s, or a significantly influential and important Artist such as David Bowie or Madonna. You will need to have your choice of subject approved by your Module Leader, so do not begin researching or writing your assignment before you have discussed your theme with them.

In this essay I will attempt to focus on a specific music scene as well as a movement being my choice of the East Coast Hip-Hop scene and the culture it carries. Aiming to focus on the time period of 1980-2000, where It’s felt it had it’s biggest and most controversial moments. Digging into it’s roots and some of it’s legacy and the people within the society that helped cause some drastic changes that occurred and still go on at present spiralling in today’s society causing effects on the popular music culture and music industry. “Rap is a gimmick, but I'm for the hip-hop, the culture.”- Method Man

East Coast Hip-Hop was birthed from the genre Hip-Hop when it had it’s most peak moments in the years of the 1980’s going into the premature years of the 1990’s. Compared to the original form of Hip-Hop it became well known and recognised for the positive some-times being afro centric and realistic lyrics that often had some depth of meaning into what was currently going on in the “people’s lives”. East Coast Hip-Hop combined various genres of music and sounds one of the largest example’s being Jamaican dancehall toasting where DJ’s played the rhythm and artist such as Sister Nancy, Yellow Man and Dennis Alcapone blessed the music with their voice making unusual sounds by their mouth or slightly mc’ing over the beat making the crowd feel welcomed and at one with the artist. The passion of using words to express feelings and thoughts similar to Soul music which was also popular at this time. With all of these factors East Coast Hip-Hop began to see the rise of a new community and culture allowing us to sit back and witness the growth and beginning of world famous artist’s such as Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC, Notorious Big, Jay Z and Nas who would all go on to cause their own footstep on the future and all the great things it bought then, and still today in culture and the music industry.

Originating from the East Coast of America, being more specific in the South Bronx of New York Hip-Hop came alive and began to stomp down so many barriers. In the beginning Hip-Hop contained no toasting, rapping nor talking but talented DJ’s that created unfamiliar sound. However this would go on to change as people such as Gil Scott-Heron began to perform words of blissful spoken poetry.

During the years of the 1970’s block parties were a main source of time killing, entertainment and gathering for the African American community and in some cases the youth of Latino’s. Dj’s such as Dj Kool Herc would arrive to individuals house bringing the party and crowd with them to play music that would satisfy at the time most popular being soul/R’nB. They soon found a new trend that would go on to make history using Jamaican Dub where percussion was used to cause isolation within the breaks of songs allowing B-Boy’s and B’girls to breakdance to the funky and new vibrant sound. They went on experiencing with techniques and idea’s such as scratching and beat mixing were MC’s such as Roxanne Shante began to spit over.


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