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Topics: Music, The Star-Spangled Banner, Person Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: October 1, 2011
During the course of a day most Americans will come in contact with some form of entertainment that helps a person detach him or herself from the tension in his or her life for a brief moment. For some this may be a book, for others it may be a movie. Though, most Americans do not notice is how frequently they come into contact with music throughout their everyday lives and how it influences their mood. Music can be found everywhere, in your home, in the workplace, in the car, in the elevator, in restaurants, and even in the restroom. Music is the most used source of entertainment in the lives of most Americans. Some might say it is because of the easy access, others might say it is due to the simplicity of music in how it is used as entertainment. Toys have music and short tunes playing on command as well as cartoons, and most children’s shows. Every day people are listening to music and do not even realize it. Music brings people together because it is the source of many people's individuality and is part of every culture. The music is more than just music, it is really a way for professional musicians to express themselves to the rest of the world, and is also a way for those listening to the music to express and feel the same. Music existed before most other forms of entertainment. In movies, music is used to set the tone and mood for the current scene, especially when concerning action, thrillers, and dramas. Music is a legitimate form of popular culture because it has stood test of time and is the only form of popular culture widely regarded and cherished. Music is used to play the Star Spangled Banner and many other famous melodies to evoke patriotism for Americans. Every country has its own theme song, seeming to me to make music the most popular form of media.
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