Popular Culture as a Course

Topics: Popular culture, Popular culture studies, Education Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: February 5, 2007
Peter Oestreich
Dr. Lane
Writing II
10 October 2006
Popular Culture Should Be A Popular Course
Dear Chair of the Education Department,
Popular culture should be a course that is offered on Clarion campus for everyone. If popular culture is taught correctly, a course on popular culture can provide a very educational outlook on wide variety of important topics such as race and ethnicity or politics(Rise and Fall). Popular culture is very interesting, in that it is what is popular to people, and should be a class that is taught to students who elect to take the course. It does not have to be a required course or a major however, it should be an option as a three credit course for students who enjoy it. Popular culture is what is popular to people, such as movies, sports, music, and books. However, there is a lot to learn from popular things.

Something that is popular culture can also be very educational. Halifu Osumare a professor at Hawaii University states: "it(popular culture) contains most of the issues and the theoretical perspectives being taught in the academy today. They understand the models I'm using, that's why it is accepted.(This is College)'' This is exactly why popular culture should be taught in universities across the country. Students can better relate to popular culture which makes it easier to learn.

Popular culture can make learning things much easier because it helps students keep their attention on the subject at hand. The Simpsons is a very popular show and is studied in popular culture courses. The reason for studying the Simpsons is that there are hidden themes to their shows. The Simpsons are about more than just a disoriented family who make bad decisions. When students look at the Simpsons for educational purposes they can begin to understand the writers hidden meanings. Although the problems on the Simpsons are viewed as funny, they can also be real life situations(This is College).

At the University of Cal Berkeley...

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