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Lijo Joseph
Lijo Joseph

Popular bookstore Singapore

Popular bookstore Singapore

Table of content

1, Introduction
2, Business model and expansion of popular bookstore
3, Multichannel retailing of popular bookstore
4, Competitors of popular bookstore Singapore
5, Location Strategy Development and Assessment
6, merchandising strategy
7, advertising and promotion
8, Challenges
9, Citation

Founded in 1924 and listed on the Singapore Exchange, Popular Holdings Limited is also the creation of a group of companies with core business in retail, distribution, publishing, and e-learning. In 1924, Chou Sing Chu set up the Cheng Hing Company in the Tanjong Pagar area to distribute Chinese-language books and magazines. Chou was an immigrant from Zhejiang, China and had come to Singapore after becoming an apprentice to relatives in the book trade. Their global operations span across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, United Kingdom and Canada. For 85 years, they have maintained a strong position and competitive advantages, the desire for the best business practices, strengthening their commitment to serving our customers, moving in tandem with the market needs, the analysis of their business and to maximize strength to maintain economic growth and steer business forward. Business model and expansion of popular bookstore

1960s and early 1970s, Popular restricting millions of dollars’ worth of debt to the small book retailers. The recovery of these debts difficulties meant that the book distribution business is not viable, and Chou Cheng Ngok insisted on leaving the wholesale writing off debts, discarding about 50 truck-loads of unsold stock and selling the company's warehouse. According to the company's philosophy of knowledge and education, focused on popular tastes with the main emphasis on quality, value and convenience to customers. To fill the gap in the market, Chou Cheng Ngok proposed to establish a chain of modern, air-conditioned, centrally managed retail bookstores under the popular brand. It was decided that Cheng Ngok would run to the bookstore business under the Popular Book Company in Singapore, while Cheng Chuen take over the publishing and stationery business on the World book company in Malaysia. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the Popular bookstore expanded its network in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore included major bookstore in Southeast Asia at the Bras Basah branch in Singapore. Until 1995, it was one of the top three bookstore chain in Singapore, with 14 bookshops and nine franchise stores. There were another 15 bookstores in Hong Kong and Malaysia 10, and publishing in Canada. Popular music also began retailing products, fashion accessories, audio accessories and paper craft products. In 1997, Popular invested £ 15 million in a new warehouse and office complex to enter the office supplies market in Singapore and Malaysia. Singapore's education system to switch to the English language as their primary medium of instruction, critics predicted a dire future for popular Chinese books in the business. People began to flock to the book in English and the movement itself as a bilingual bookstore.

Multichannel retailing of popular bookstore
Multi-channel retailing - combining traditional brick and mortar retailing of online and mobile retail channels involves much more than allow customers to purchase goods website. Multi-channel retailing presents a rich, seemingly unlimited opportunities for brand engagement and interaction with customers across new platforms. Retail Web sites to deepen relationships with customers

With the growth of e-commerce, popular bookstore use their web sites to enhance their customer relationships a proposal, as lively discussions with the service and educational content Web, which helps customers to...
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