Poplars, Grey Weather by Camille Pissarro: Art Analysis

Topics: Color, Painting, Camille Pissarro Pages: 4 (1302 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Poplars, Grey Weather by Camille Pissarro is located in the Art Gallery of Ontario, painted with oil on canvas. This composition exposes much more depth and design than what is perceived at first glance. Because of this, the amount of time one takes to observe the painting will greatly affect their ability to interpret its underlying message. Poplars, Grey Weather illustrates potency through the application of the formal elements, the principles of design, and altogether displays a strong composition.

Camille Pissarro created his formal language of art by organizing the design elements and principles on his canvas. He handled colour, line, space, and texture in a very delicate manner. Overall, Pissarro manages to incorporate both a warm and cool colour palette by skillfully blending the lightness of the trees with the coolness of the remaining composition, almost like a sunset. The beautiful violets, pinks, greens, and dusty shale blues bring a variety of emotions to the painting as a whole. There is almost a peaceful, emotional outlook of this painting in regards to the colours of the trees. The orange bursts of paint serve to break up the painting into sections of the sun touching the land, highlighting the ground. The time of day is also revealed in the colour palette, holding warm colours taken from the sky at sundown. The composition is quite light, meaning there is still a presence of sunlight. The lean, brown trees throughout the middle ground not only contrast the lightness of the leaves, ultimately creating visual balance, but they are also very well exposed, representing Pissarro’s impeccable skill. The intensity and saturation of these combined colours are washed out and dulled, with secondary colours overpowering the painting, thus creating a mood that shines light to his title of Grey Weather. The composition altogether makes up a value scale ascending to the top of the canvas, which adds intensity to the work. Colour wholly demands an emotional...
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