Pope John Paul Ii

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A Man Who Became Pope

Karol, or Pope Jonh Paul II as we know him, was one of the most couragous men because of all the hardships he faced in his lifetime.In the movie we only saw a small portion of them because the movie stopped right as he became pope. I am sure he faced many many more while serving his term as Pope. Being from Poland, and being a Catholic made him a prime target for discrimination back when the Natzis were trying to eliminate many different groups of people because of their beliefs. Although so much tested his faith, he stayed strong in his beliefs. It even came to learning and practicing in secret in fear of being persecuted.

arol's life is truly
one to be admired. He embodies all of the qualities that I aspire to be like. He didn't back down because of what other people thought or even if others hated him because of what he believed. He knew that God wanted him to serve him in the best way he could and he wasn't about to back down to that challenge. Although you could see apprehension in his face when asked about being nominated for Pope, he knew God had a plan for him, and if that meant guiding the whole Church then he was up to the honor.

Many people today follow the crowd when it comes to many difficult decisions and beliefs. The war that we are fighting at this present time is a topic that many disagree about. Although many openly disagree, a lot just agree or disagree just because it is an easy way out. Many people don't speak their minds and have to live with unhappiness because of it. Pope John Paul II would never be afraid so speak his opinion just because it was the majority's way of thinking. This is one of the many reasons millions of people looked up to him hoping to better themselves.

Pope John Paul II is the only pope that I have ever known until his sad death this past year, but his time as Pope will truly be remembered always because of his kindness and acceptance of everyone. He lived a remarkable life...
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