Pope John Paul Ii

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Nine Days that Changed the World

5) When asked if I think that Pope John Paul II is worthy to become a saint, I immediately looked up the definition of a saint, and to find what it takes to be canonized as a saint. A person who after death is formally recognized by a Christian Church, especially the Roman Catholic Church, as having attained, through holy deeds or behaviour, a specially exalted place in heaven and the right to veneration. From this definition, it says you need to be recognized by a Christian Church, through holy deeds. There is no doubt in my mind that Pope John Paul II deserves to be canonized as a saint. He performed countless holy deeds. To name a couple, he defended religion against communists, and even forgave a man who attempted to kill him.

In 1942, Pope John Paul II decided that he wanted to become a priest. Four years later, he became a priest and that is when he began to change people’s lives. From there, he later on became a bishop, an archbishop, and progressed on to become the pope. Pope john Paul II was a national hero to all of his Polish people, and was a role model for all Catholics around the world. He was also named one of the most influential persons of the twentieth century. I find it hard to imagine anyone saying that Pop John Paul II, such a virtuous leader does not deserve to be canonized as a saint.

Mother Theresa, one of the most famous saints, was canonized a saint five years after her death. It has now been five years since Pope John Paul’s II death, and although Mother Theresa deserved every part of the title she received, I think that John Paul deserves to be a saint equally as much as she did.
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